Clickbooth Launches New Blog Design and Feedback Contest

That’s right! Our new blog design is finally here and we can’t tell you how excited we are! We’ve been working hand in hand with our friends over at Unique Blog Designs and as you can see, we’ve given our blog a fresh new look, added some bells and whistles, and really tried to showcase the fun/softer side of our company. We have so many new and exciting things planned for the future, and we think you’ll love all of the new additions to our blog!

That being said, one thing everyone knows (or should know) about Clickbooth, is how much we truly value your feedback. Not only does it help us grow and improve as a network, it also allows us to see things from your point of view, and in turn, optimize what we do, to meet your needs.

So we thought, what better way to launch our blog and get your valuable feedback, then by doing something fun and giving you a chance to win a prize in the process!

So here is how the contest is going to work.

1) Underneath this post, leave a comment with some constructive feedback on things you like and/or dislike about the new design. Comments such as “The new design rocks!” or “The new design sucks” will not be accepted, because those kinds of comments aren’t enough to help us improve its design or functionality. An example of the kind of constructive feedback we are looking for is “I really like the way you showcased your Social Networking buttons in the header. It makes them a lot easier to find” or “I don’t really like the placement of the sidebar widgets I think you should move the Blog Roll up more.” These kinds of comments will help us tweak our blog to make sure we make it the best it can be! (Also, be sure to put your Twitter name somewhere in the comment)

2) Follow us on Twitter here.

3) Tweet the following message from your Twitter account:

“Just entered to win an iPod Touch by giving @Clickbooth feedback on their new blog design! Go here to enter!

It’s as simple as that! Then on Monday, May 18, 2009 one lucky winner will be randomly chosen and given the option to take either a Flip MinoHD Camcorder or an iPod Touch.  The winner will be announced on our blog the following Tuesday (5/19)!

We look forward to hearing what everyone thinks, and thanks again for always providing us with such valuable feedback!

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  2. I like how fresh it looks. Plus it gives you valid option for different media which is very useful since not everybody is using all of them! Keep it going!

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  4. love your blog design – it ties in with your branding – noticed your office a few times whilst driving and it creates a uniformity and captures your interest. Great colors that pop out and also go well with a floridian company. Your company is definitely heading in the right direction. An openings for writers of the mature yet young at heart crowd?

  5. The color scheme is nice, however I must say that bright colors like the orange you are using can be somewhat wearing at times. Maybe if the color scheme started out as bright orange when you first get to the blog but then the longer you are on the site maybe the orange can somehow change to a softer color so that way my retinas don’t feel like they are going to bleed out of the eye sockets lol. Also the left sidebar seems like it could use some love :) other then that nice clean looking design but could still be better.

  6. I think the blog looks great! I have always thought that the colours orange and black go together very well and seeing them here just confirms this. The minimal hints of red also go very well with the orange as does the light and royal blues at the top and the different coloured greys throughout the page.
    What makes the whole site look so good is that these colours have been used across the page in such a good proportion, with no one colour over invading the space of the other.

    The auto / manual large header rotating section is an excellent touch too!

    I am so impressed with the site design and layout I am going to pinch some of it and incorporate into our site… very well done! Love it!!

  7. I never knew that red orange could look so great! Nice site design.

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  22. Move the CB Education tab to the top navigation. This is amazing stuff by just too easy to overlap being at the bottom of the page.

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    Nice design. I personally liked the sidebar and the way you made the “connect” social media box stand out.

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  46. Tom says:

    The colours are just simply gorgeous! I love how it’s uber vibrant and orange really is attractive.
    The only downside is that you have to scroll to actually start reading the blog, as this is what it’s called. And the RSS button is somewhat hidden and doesn’t scream SUBSCRIBE!
    I love it though!

    Tom’s last blog post..Rio Getaway

  47. I like your new blog design. It is easy to read and navigate. If I win I would like the iPod Touch as I have a Flip Mino HD already!

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  49. Wess Stewart says:

    It’s orange. Very, very orange. And the crayons just make it more colorful.

    I hate skittles. They crashed Twitter. But then again, this theme actually works pretty well with the site.

    Then again, the little CB-man is a bit freaky, too. Perhaps I’d like it more than I do (which I do, by the way) if I were wired up on Josta. Too bad they don’t make it. Maybe John Chow could pay them to start making it again…

    Theme looks great!

    Wess Stewart’s last blog post..Dropbox: Sync and Backup Your Files! Free!

  50. Very Creative Design…. It’s a winner in my books !

    Roger Johnson’s last blog post..Free Video Shows You How To Take Your Affiliate Marketing To The Next Level!

  51. Forest says:

    Not sure if I missed the boat…. but just tweeted.

    Awesome new design by the way!

    Forest’s last blog post..Musically Motivated Monday – In A Cage!

  52. Emily N. says:

    Forgot to include my twitter name. It’s gotfire55. I tweeted here:

  53. Emily N. says:

    I like the color scheme. It’s hard to use orange well but it works on this blog. I really don’t like the header that says click to continue reading this post. I kept clicking that box without realizing that the post was opening underneath the header. I like the links to social media up at the top of the page.

  54. Lucinda says:


    Honestly I came over due to someone I follow on Twitter plugging the promo and new blog. I have never been to your site and don’t actually know what you’re about.

    1. Landing on your blog, I still have no idea what you’re about. So, please give me a tagline or a little hint why I’m here, why I should stay and why I should care instead of making me navigate to another area to find out why.

    2. The design seems fine, a little bright for my taste, but I get it.

    3. I’m not crazy about the frame for the “Connects to:” to in my face about it.

    Lucinda’s last blog post..8 Steps to Hiring a Decorative Painter (Faux Finisher)

  55. Wayne Liew says:

    Overall, the design is very nice and eye-catching.

    However, the following are the few things that I wish to highlight:

    1. Text that shows up in this comment box as I am typing to not dark enough.
    2. Secondly, I don’t whether it is because that orange is the theme for this blog, call to actions like the RSS button and the “Join as Publisher” link is not that prominent. The Connect with us on social media sites section on top immediate caught my attention though.

    On the usability side of things, I recommend the installation of CrazyEgg to track movements around the blog as well as clicks.

    Hope my opinion does help. ;)


  56. susanne says:

    love the new format. Orange is so happy, when i first landed on this page i had to smile as the orange navigation hit me. The other feature I appreciate is the scrolling messages. I enjoy reading virtical rather than horizontal.Great feature.

  57. I love the whole look and feel. The colors are vivid and text is easily readable. The layout is very user friendly, large bright easy to read headings and I love the orange with white text. The contrast makes for easy comfortable reading for older eyes. GREAT JOB! I love the look.


  58. Enkay Blog says:

    The blog looks good. The Rss button is well placed towards the top and branding is spot on. The cityspace although doesn’t really seem necessary although I’m sure there might be a reason thats in there? I do like the orange gradient disappear as you scroll down and the scrolling post display at the top. Overall, a great design. I like it!

    Twitter :

    Enkay Blog’s last blog post..Clickbooth Contest & More

  59. Paul says:

    Overall it is a solid design as I suspect you guys already know. However there are a couple of issues stopping it from being a GREAT design.

    - Typography
    Could be improved, the use of sans fonts through does not give the design much zing in the typography department. The headings are very plain, there isn’t much variation in size. All caps headings are also garish. Play with the fonts and the entire aesthetic could be improved, try Trebuchet perhaps.

    - The Metaphor
    I enjoy the skyline metaphor and use of the billboard, it is spot on. However the actual use of the clickbooth logo does not seem to fit well with the metaphor. It seems like the skyline metaphor does not gel with the super hero metaphor you have placed alongside it. The billboard is brilliant, with a little polishing the skyline/night life theme would work WITHOUT the little CB super hero men everywhere. They are just silly and seem out of place (and take away from the ‘style/glamour’ of the other metaphor). If you want to stick with heros, add more to flesh that aspect out (but I’d avoid it).

    - Small bugs
    No related links, but you have a related links heading

    - The colors
    Mostly good, some of the gradients are off. For example the “Continue reading this post” gradent is a little washed out compared to the rest of the oranges.

    - Other
    It seems a little strange that you have mostly rounded corners, but then have square ends on the blog title boxes.
    Once you scroll down a bit and there is no content on the right side, it looks a little off, having that heavy black gradient.


  60. Geo Peter says:

    The design looks good but I have to agree with the others that the orange is a bit too much.. The home page looks really neat and organized and the sidebar is really tidy.
    I think it would look better if you use the gradient look that you used in the bottom for the orange in the background.

    Tweeted about the contest and following you
    as @retrogade

  61. Deanna says:

    Overall, I like your new blog design. It appears friendly and inviting. I’m by no means a web designer so the following is just my unprofessional opinion:

    *I like the “post rotator” on the homepage, but do not like it on every page since it makes me have to automatically scroll down to read what I’m interested in.

    *I’m a big fan of alphabetical order and would like to see the web sites on the Connect “sign” in alphabetical order.

    *I’m not a big fan of all of the orange. My favorite colors are black, blue and red (just to throw them out there). ;)

    *The sidebar should be rearranged as follows – Media Center, Categories, Events Calendar, Favorite Posts, Recent Comments, Blog Roll & Recent Tweets.

    P.S. I’m deanna_j on Twitter. Thanks for the GREAT contest! :)

  62. Technogati says:

    Really best design with unique and best navigation.Its color is pretty cool with standard site color.

    Technogati’s last blog post..Explore NewYork City With Google Mapping.

  63. SATISH says:

    Theme design is Unique and mind blowing..

    1. Liked the colour very much(Orange).
    2. The logo and small icons used all around the blog looks really great and feels like we are at someones home as a guest!
    3. Sidebar links are also very useful links.

    One suggestion would be, why don’t you add a widget with latest or hottest or cheapest deals from your marketplace or product list.

    And the blog roll does not contain our blog link :) Just Kidding!

    Totally the redesign is awesome… ClickBooth, keep rocking.

    Here is my tweet

    One serious advice would be to work on increasing the loading speed of this blog. I really felt like leaving when it kept on loading for a long time. Remember I am using broadband, so no fault from my side! Hope U take it positively. All-the-best with the new design.

    SATISH’s last blog post..Google Chrome ads on TV: Google launches its 1st TV ad

  64. I have to say – the new layout is much improved from the previous version. It is much more sleek and appealing to the eyes. Kudos to UniqueBlogDesigns as well. Some thoughts:

    As someone mentioned earlier, the email sign up list box could use some rearranging and improvement. The text boxes could be bigger, allowing for longer email addresses. Also there is a seemingly empty box under the email sign up that reads “Enter code here” when you highlight over it. This might be something unfinished, but it takes away from the slickness.

    Another couple thoughts on this comment box itself: its not big enough! If you want solid thoughtful input, its important to give the user the space to write freely. This small box makes it seem as if only a small response is all that is wanted.

    And lastly, “Recent Tweets” is empty! I know that @clickbooth tweets, so why are they not showing up?? A thought: maybe include another box that only shows @replies to @clickbooth (this can be done by copying the URL after you do a twitter search for @clickbooth. Hope this stuff helps!

    —- @AdamMoskowitz

  65. The site looks great! Very user friendly and clean making it really easy to maneuver around. Love all the links to the social networking sites as well as the way you’ve incorporated both videos and photos into the site.

    Nice job!

    Twitter: sfergerthk

  66. I have to say that I really like this blog design. It is a fantastic custom theme, great job and kudos to both UniqueBlogDesigns and Eric at Clickbooth.

    First and foremost you need a fav icon fav.ico – These days we all always have tons of tabs open to the point where you cant even see what tab is for what… Fav icons have become more and more useful beyond just the branding perspective.

    For the email newsletter subscribe box > I would recommend that you change the text label to simply “Receive Our Exclusive Newsletter -” that will then fit on one line. The name and email boxes should be stacked one on top of the other, this will allow them to be wider, also include field label text in there… just “full name” “email address” would be fine; and it can disappear once the user clicks to enter the info. Additionally the “Sign Up” button should be left aligned, private disclaimer text can be in the image file… in on line just below the button.

    I agree with Lydia @understandblue but would take the suggestion one step further to say that it would be very cool and innovative to have a daytime blue and the current darker nigh-time blue.. rotating on EST daylight hours. Or if you wanted to get really fancy you could tie the banner to be loaded to the current daylight hour for the user via geo ip tagging and some simple javascript. :)

    The “Connect” Social Media icon links and sign board graphics are fantastic. Only suggesting there is to implement a light mouse over effect so that the user really knows its a link. Also i would swap placement for the AIM and Flickr would make it more balanced.

    I also agree with Syed Balkhi – who says that the 3D effect of the header bars is nice but could be implemented potentially with a slight more innovative style.

    The drop shadow opacity thing that goes on-top of and around the nav bar and header is slightly too deep.. ‘too big’ it would look more professional if it were about half or 2/3 the size. The orange nav bar on left overhangs the gray below it by one pixel to the left but it does not do this on the right “which looks cleaner” if they are worthy they can fix that ;) and we know they are worthy ;)

    I think the jquery fwd and back arrow graphics are nice but it looks strange with them over the black/orange divide. I think the black should be moved up just above the arrows, but that’s hard to tell if it would be nice without actually testing it.

    The Jquery loads filling the entire page and then snaps up into its respective position. This can be fixed, not sure exactly how but I know that some coding genius could force it to behave.

    The Media Center is cool… but needs to be polished. The tab “PHOTOS” looks like the active tab because its on top and attached to the gray background of the default option which is actually the “VIDEOS” tab. When you click Photos the same issue. Fastest fix would be to make the active tab button the opposite color than it is currently. and you will be golden. meaning make the active tab light gray because that is the bg color of the box that holds the content which it is attached to. Think of it as a paper folder; ahh yes all starting to make sense ;)

    I am noticing a strange box between the email sign-up and media center… what is that? looks like it is suppose to be a search box. I would get rid of it all together.

    OK I don’t agree that the Events Calendar should be moved up the list in right column. Its good where its at. If you were doing more events, like one every weekend than yeah. but you only have 3 more through the rest of the most of the year… so moving it up would not be smart. better off to highlight Favorite posts and Recent Tweets.

    Other than all that it’s fantastic!

    My twitter name is follow me y’all :)

    My Marketing Blog

  67. Your new blog site looks fantastic! Way to go Clickbooth!!! I love the feature bar at the top with the hottest topics. This is very eye-catching… and I really like how you integrated Twitter on the page. Very nice!!

  68. Anthony says:

    I agree – overall I think it looks great but I have to agree that the orange does seem a little “hot”. Ialso agree that maybe the calendar should be placed higher up on the heirarchy – and maybe put in footer since there is the banner on the top that slides from right to left (that would be perfect for new media that comes out). Where is Facebook connect?

    Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Anthony’s last blog post..Creative Director for Dream Success Management

  69. Aadil Pitafi says:

    This is the best layout I’ve ever seen. The two things that really attracted me: the header and the sidebar. But I think that in the sidebar, the Categories menu should be moved to the top.

    Best of Luck!

  70. Twitter: @dimbulb52
    Like the design, lots of info and yet it’s got a spacious feel to it.
    My favorite is the little marquee “Connect” menu on top – gives it a little Vegas.

  71. Pauline Abel says:

    Love the colors, bold without being overwhelming, love the simplicity and flow of the layout, don’t have to have a nerd degree to figure it out. Not over-designed, well done! @PaulineAbel

  72. Jason says:

    Very sharp website and design. It’s simple enough, but has good content. Two of my personal favs – 1) the mini video window on the right column, and 2) the color scheme.

    One suggestion – put the Recent Tweets section above the Comments section. I have more response to my site through Twitter than on the comments section of the blog.

    Best of luck!

  73. Ugwu Uche says:

    My twittername is ugwuuche….Definitely like the colors and layout it gives the fun feel you were looking for. everything one would think that you want your readers to see (rss, email, social links, etc) are within initial view of the page. Kind of feel like recent post and event calendar should be higher than recent posts tweets cus usually readers have multiple windows open and i can see your tweets alot quicker then i could an important event or post i should have caught before. Overall love the new look

  74. I like the bright colors…the orange and black looks good. I like websites that you can see more of…you have done a good job at that. I like the different boxes, the rotating information box at the top. Good job!

  75. The websie looks very neat and clean. The orange is very attractive but, a bit harsh on the eyes. perhaps is shouldn’t be as “hot”.
    Okay so I wear reading glasses very often but, any words or symbols that show in gray (like this comment box) is almost impossible to read. It’s way to light shaded. On that note, the print on the main pages is thin and kinda a lighter shade of black. This is hard to read for us “40 something’s”
    Finally, the racing banner at the top,..Where can you pick and choose what you want to read? I had to wait for the banner that I was interested in to race by again. Maybe “stil”l titles underneath the racer?
    Find me on twitter: tishac

    Tisha Copeland’s last blog post..Two Cards

  76. Chris says:

    Twitter name is egonitron, I posted the message.

    As far as feedback on the design, it’s very cool. I don’t like that the comment text is light, so maybe darken that a bit. Makes it hard to read. The logo is good, but I think the orange ball is too big in relation to the body. I know that’s the point, but it throws me off a bit. Otherwise, I really like the layout overall.

    Chris’s last blog post..Ford’s Fiesta Movement, A New Way To Market Cars

  77. I love the bright colors on the blog. It is aesthetically pleasing and draws in the reader. The design is chic and fresh. As a reader, I can tell you are excited about the new blog and blogging as a whole because the blog shows excitement from the design. The layout is easy to follow and find.

  78. Lydia says:

    I LOVE the look – love all the orange – it’s eyecatching and yet clean. The only thing I would change is the color of the sky – if you look at the Twitter icon on your sidebar, look how much crisper and brighter that blue looks against the complementary orange. And I’m an expert on blue! @understandblue on Twitter! :)

    Lydia’s last blog post..Why Stories Matter

  79. DeAnna says:

    Great new blog design. Things that work well:
    -color catches your attention
    -easy to nav side bar for fav posts & latest events, etc.

    Things I would consider changing:
    - Headers stretch too far (would line them up with the rest of the column
    - A new frame for the Connect links to Twitter, You Tube, etc. (strikes me as somewhat cheesy and not in line with the rest of the design).

    Otherwise great job. These projects can be time consuming and it’s a great idea to filter through feedback for other considerations.

    Twitter Account: @DeAnnaCochran
    Just followed you….

  80. Forgot to add my @JoshTodd to the previous comment!

    Josh – Inside Affiliate’s last blog post..Easy Money with eBay Partner Network – Part 2

  81. Eliza says:

    I think the new design is very eye-catching. Good use of white space and a nice logo.
    Three things, though. First, the header takes us a lot of space. So if you are viewing it on your cell phone, or like to size your browser on the smaller side, you have to scroll down to get any substance. Second, the page does not automatically re-size width-wise. So, it forces me to re-size my browser to see everything. Last, the top section is very eye-catching, but requires me to read very quickly to figure out what the article is about. Seems like a static section — with three headlines — might make more sense.

    What does clickbooth do, anyway?

  82. Great looking blog! I love the top images for the connect!

    I’m now following this blog!!! :)

  83. My220x says:

    I have never visited this blog before but I was take a back by the design, it’s very elegant and colourfull. Things I particuarly like are the:

    - Logo as it’s very creative.
    - Colour scheme which is warm and inviting.
    - Social media buttons at the top which stand out nicely and make it easier to connect with you guys.

    One thing I don’t like is the background image being used for headers on the sidebar as they stretch to far and could be much smaller which would look nicer.

    Btw my twitter is My220x

  84. Forgot my twitter account as well: gsshelton

  85. Katrina V says:

    I am following you on twitter, @katrina_v.

  86. Katrina V says:

    I saw your search bar, but I didn’t see the search button. I was able to click on it, but it doesn’t work.

    I’m not sure if it’s my browser, but I also didn’t see a title/logo header. There’s a huge black bar at the top of the page (unless that is the style).

    When I clicked on a blog post, I was expecting to go to a new page, but realized after a few clicks that it was on the same page; it was below the posts and had to scroll. I like if the posts can enter into a new page separate to itself.

    I hope my constructive criticism helps! And thank you for the contest opportunity!

    twitter: katrina_v

    Some links are black-on-black. Like the text below ‘connect with CB’ and text after ‘blog design by’. I almost didn’t see it, unless I hovered my mouse and looked on the bottom left corner to see a link.

    When a link hasn’t been clicked on a post, it is orange-on-orange. It is also hard to see. I suggest using a different color for the link.

  87. I like the design, but when viewed on my laptop @ 1024×768 the size of the post preview and right sidebar seem much too large. The post preview’s size is especially large and forces the actual post your trying to read to the very bottom of the screen only displaying the post’s title (which itself is a little hard to tell its the post’s title).

  88. Syed Balkhi says:

    Your MessageI found this on twitter, I am @syedbalkhi on twitter.

    I have decided to do a detailed design review of your website in which I will rank you on a scale of 10. You must understand that things I see are what a designer would see because of my six year experience in web design. After reviewing your blog design thorougly, I will rank it a 7.3/10

    Now here is my analysis:

    UBD did a great job with the header specially in the top right hand corner. Retro hotel board view is awesome and grabs the attention. I would not do it any different way to highlight social media profiles of a company.

    UBD did an excellent job designing the logo with the superman look. It really stands out. I like the creative touch of the superman going through the Click Booth part. The drob shadow on clickbooth text is a bit too much, perhaps dropping the opacity or reducing the size would be more attractive.

    The transparent shadow above the navigation and that box is one of the sleek touches of this blog design.

    The Zacjohnson blog style for getting 3d on the sidebar headings and post headings looks great. Even though innovative touches would be nice, but this method is not bad either. Although in this blog they seem to overuse/abuse it. While this looks great on the single post page, but when it comes to the blog page, you almost see a run on with the black 3d effect and orange effect.

    The gradient on the sidebar content bg both black and the silver is very sleek and it increases the good looks of this design.

    Orange and Black are strong colors and they go well together. UBD did an excellent job maintaining the color combination through out although there were certain spots they could’ve done better. Such as:

    The right and left jquery content slider buttons does not have a finished graphical touch as the rest of the design. The glossy gray could’ve been better with a lighter shade as well as a different more sleek arrow design. Refer to jquery examples because I have seen multiple better ones.

    Also in the content slider, the post titles can be improved. Right now, the padding of this area is not at its best. It looks crowded specially in the padding-top / bottom. Also when the title goes in two lines, it outpowers the description greatly. A balance is needed. My suggestion would be to get rid of the date from the featured posts, and find a better spot for comments perhaps right next to the Continue Readnig Post.

    The buttons on the website could have been improved and had more finishing touches. These buttons include but not limited to Search Button, Content Slider more button, Meet the Editor More button, and Submit comment button (Color does not match with the theme).

    Twitter icon and the Flickr Icon does not go well with the design, perhaps adding the twitter bird will stand out more with the black. Currently you can’t really see the t from the light blue background.

    Round edges in the content slider can be highlighted more and look even better if the image sizes are reduced slightly for the images placed inside because right now they seem to run into the round edges.

    I hope I made my points clear in this design review. I have admired the work of UBD, but while their work is great, some additions can make it perfect :) Good luck CB with your new design.

    -Syed Balkhi

  89. When I visit a new blog I always seek out the “About” page so I can learn more about the Who, What and Why of the blog. I need to know early on whether or not the blog will be worth my time.

    If an About page is not available, as currently is the case on your blog, I then would seek out your category list which takes some scrolling to get to.

    The site is clean and otherwise visually appealing, the font type and size is excellent in my opinion. However, the orange color would keep my eyes from being comfortable reading it for very long.

    Perhaps you might consider adding another RSS button somewhere as I had to hunt for it :) to sign up.

    To your success!

    Sharon Trombly’s last blog post..New to Twitter?

  90. John says:

    The design is clean – I fear future content will appear to low on the page and not within easy eye shot. The colors are “OK” but orange never comes across to me as anything but fun…it might need to be a little more serious (well maybe not…)

  91. Jeanne Male says:

    Original look, good navigation, and fabulous “connect” board. Nice!! Who created the new blog?

  92. I love the color scheme. However I got an unsafe warning when viewing the site in chrome.

  93. martinsc says:

    I love that theme!!! Looks great and fresh…. but when reading the comments, with lots of white background, the orange color is kinda harsh on the eyes… maybe using a “softer” orange might be easier…

    martinsc’s last blog post..Microsoft One Note & Dropbox

  94. Marcia says:

    I love the bright orange with big white letters! The header is clean and adds to the layout. The sidebar is a bit wide around the Blog Roll, Categories, and Events. It seems like a lot of space is blank there, but, on the other hand, it’s easy to notice and read. The comment form looks ghosted out almost with the light gray lettering on the white background.

    @learningmama (sorry forgot this the first time)

    Marcia’s last blog post..Updating

  95. I really like the layout of the site, especially the social networking tab at the top and the rolling header. I can’t think of anything that would make the appearance better. One thing to consider is slower computers, though. Is this too much for an older computer to handle fast enough not to cause lag? @rogerajohnson

    Roger Johnson’s last blog post..How to Easily Put an HTML Tagline into Your Gmail Emails

  96. Sam says:

    I think the new layout is really cool! I love the bright colours, the flash/whatever it is at the top of the page. However, I think orange lines on the right side of the page are going too far over the page. Maybe add the drop shadow so it jumps out from the background, but leave it in the width of the black part.

    Sam’s last blog post..Good news and bad news.

  97. Marcia says:

    I love the bright orange with big white letters! The header is clean and adds to the layout. The sidebar is a bit wide around the Blog Roll, Categories, and Events. It seems like a lot of space is blank there, but, on the other hand, it’s easy to notice and read.

  98. Robert Brady says:

    The burnt orange background on the sides of the screen is a bit garish. With the amount of orange already in the color scheme it’s a bit much.

    The rotating content box just under the header seems like it may be a less than optimal use of prime real estate. I don’t know why that content is in that space and it changes. If that is the most read content, let me know. If it just highlights past posts, I can scroll down the page to see those.

    Other than that I like the site. The footer is very good at showcasing alternative means of connecting with Eric and CB. Good work.


    Robert Brady’s last blog post..Is Baidu PPC Worth the Trouble?

  99. Very nice design… I especially like the orange and black combination. UBD did a great job!

    Chris Jacobson’s last blog post..PayPerPost Gets a Makeover

  100. I love the new design however, when on a single blog entry post I think that it shouldn’t have the huge Latest Entry Breakdown area above the post. I think the main focus should be the article in question, The start of the actual article is too far down and is below the fold on some resolutions.

  101. Dax Desai says:

    I forgot to put my twitter name in my prior comment: @daxdesai

    Dax Desai’s last blog post..Credit Crisis Visualized

  102. Dax Desai says:

    I’m not a fan of the orange color. I think you could make your header a little shorter so content appears higher on the page. I like the “Connect” box, but I think if you oriented the icons wider you could reduce the size of your header and move the content up on the page.

    Otherwise the content is very well segregated and neat in appearance.

    Dax Desai’s last blog post..Credit Crisis Visualized

  103. Bob Buskirk says:

    Another great design by UBD, I love the “connect” section at the top and the media center on the left.

    Bob Buskirk’s last blog post..Get 1000 Followers on Twitter Easily

  104. John Chow says:

    The new blog is looking good. UBD did a fantastic job on it. I especially like the mascot and the social media links.

    John Chow’s last blog post..Hummingbird – Professional Marketing Tool for Twitter

  105. Nate says:

    I think the layout for the blog is great. I do have a couple of things to add about the content though. Something that a lot of other networks have been focusing on in their blogs is a weekly “celebrity” post which offers tips, tricks, and even insight on different topics in the affiliate marketing world. The celebrities that I would suggest you go after are you top “super affiliates.” While they may not want to give out all of their secrets, they may have some tip and insight to share with others. I would love to see it done here on Clickbooth since we all know Clickbooth has the best affiliates around. Just my 2 cents. Anyways keep up the good work and ill post some more criticism when I can. Thanks.

    Twitter Name: bigneez

  106. Elina says:

    I really like how you have that scroller up there with the entries. it helped with locating the interesting entries. i think the orange on the sides are a bit much, perhaps you could tone down the color a little.
    Overall, not bad! :)

    Twitter name: jing116

  107. Lavelle says:

    Hey Eric,

    I think it’s way too busy. It looks great and everything, and UBD always does a great job, but the design and all the graphics are a distraction for information seekers like me.

    Maybe you could offer a different css that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles – just good, categorized information.

    Also, when I click on a link to read the blog post, I’m not real fond of having to scroll down to get to the post every single time. And on my screen, half of the first blog post title is below the fold.

    So, I’d suggest using the top fold more wisely and conserve it for useful information. Maybe you could do the following to put more content above the fold and still keep the theme looking good:

    Move the “Home | Why CB? | 24/7 Contact Line” to the right where the “search box” is, and move the “search box” to the sidebar. That way you can lower the super hero logo and move it a hair to the left to wrap around the corner of the orange bar. Looks like it’d be a nice, snug fit.

    b) Cut the sliding “featured posts” section by approx 2/3 so that you can move your “Connect” links to the remaining 1/3 of the box. In other words, the sliding “featured posts” area should be the width of your blog content area, and the “connect” links area should sit next to the “featured posts” section and be as wide as your sidebar.

    That would probably move all of the important stuff (blog post title, become a publisher link, and newsletter opt-in) above the fold. If not, you could move the “become a publisher” to the top orange bar. That should do it.

    That’s about it for me. :)

  108. biz online says:

    I must say thats a great design.
    I like the header – really cool and eye catching…
    I like those social networking area.. and thats funky RSS button. also the jquerry featured section looks great..
    footer too looks great.

    I don’t find any negative – how can i find one if UBD is your designer.. lol.


    biz online’s last blog post..Top Tips for Starting Up Your Own Business

  109. Deb Ng says:

    I find the design clean and pleasing to my eye. It’s not cluttered, reads well and the colors aren’t distracting.

    Nice work.

  110. I think you guys have done a bang up job setting up a relevant, accessible blog. Huge praise for the scroller at top – regular visitors can quickly scroll through the content without having to jump all over the page…super cool!

  111. I like how the blog has a “featured section” above the fold. However, it would be nice if when someone clicks on “Continue Reading This Post…”button that the link be “anchored texted” to the particular post and users would not have to scroll down to read it. Twitter name @nextsteph

  112. Jandy Stone says:

    After opening your URL in Chrome, I think the new design is really great! However, it doesn’t render AT ALL in Firefox3. For some reason it’s not pulling in the CSS file. I’ve tried it on two different computers. I also have trouble with the main Clickbooth site in Firefox; maybe related issues? Is this something you’re working to correct? It was sure a shock to read about your hot new design on Twitter and come to a CSS-naked page!

  113. As someone that is not too familiar with ClickBooth I had a hard time figuring out what “The Official Blog” was all about. While the design is fine, it really doesn’t integrate with superhero logo/figure and your brand. When i read the URL header that says “Affiliate Marketing Blog” that’s when I get some idea of what this blog is about. Why not incorporate some type of tag line that ties in with the new design. Such as The One and Only Affiliate Marketing Blog, or The Affiliate Marketing Blog that will Make You a Hero, or something like this. It appears you partners over at Unique Blog Designs may have missed the mark on communicating what your brand is all about.
    My Twitter name is: ddeclemente

  114. I also liike the overall layout. I would move the blog roll up a bit on the page. I do like the register button tab on the right. calandar page gets kind of lost. like everyone else the color needs to hue down a bit. Love the showcase!!!

  115. Affbuzz says:

    I think this looks great and like Volk’s comments about getting the newsletter sign-up above the fold. I’d also add a link to Affbuzz in your blogroll, but that’s just me…Great work!

  116. I do like the design of the blog, it’s a big upgrade. I think the background color is a bit loud, like REALLY loud! But if that’s what you were going for then it’s fine. I like the Publisher signup button right at the top, that’s usually hard to navigate to from most network blogs, and that’s the ultimate goal of your blog I would assume, to get new publishers. Well done.

    P.S. I actually think the RSS Icon is well placed and easy to see. I like it when it’s not just the typical logo but something more customized.

  117. Steve says:

    Overall it’s clean and easy to navigate, the orange doesn’t bother me (and seems to be almost a trend for some blogs lately) but I agree with Jonathan volk that you’re hiding some good stuff under the fold.

    BTW, some of the scripting breaks in IE7 along with some of the link/image alignment.

    Only other suggestion i can offer is replacing the bullets in the event calendar with a month or week view that registers as “calendar” when people scroll along.

    Tritter: wanderer_roch

  118. Maria says:

    I agree with Wes, the color is too overpowering. Though orange is considered to induce happy feelings, this particular red/orange hue is too rich for such a large amount of space. It is distracting.

  119. I love the design a lot! :)

    My suggestion would be to add a more prominent way to subscribe to RSS.

    MANY of my readers subscribe to my RSS via email since many are still not using igoogle or another form of reader.

    That being said, while having a sign up for the newsletter is great, you might also want to add a place to subscribe to RSS via email.

    Also you probably should go through feedburner instead of directly to your RSS feed to help you keep a count.

    Lastly, because “above the fold” real estate is so valuable, you might consider shrinking the vertical size of the scrolling post thing at the top. This way you get more of the “subscribe to newsletter, etc” side bar in above the fold.

    Love everything about the design though. :)

    Twitter: @JonathanVolk

  120. I love UBD designs and work. The layout is good as far as positioning of key posts, comments etc…but I have to say, the color kinda threw me back.

    The red/orange is just a little to loud in my opinion, making it hard to read the key text. I’d say leave the red theme, but the background color should be softer.

    Maybe a soft red gradient, or just white. Red is a touchy color, especially in marketing since people react differently to it.

    The header rotator is quite cool, something Id like to try.
    Change the background…and I think you’ve got a winner!

    - Wes

  121. Eric Nagel says:

    I like the Register as a Publisher in the sidebar – it’s effective & does what you’re looking for. The Connect box at the top (and links repeated at the bottom) is nice – repeating it is a good idea, since most people wouldn’t look for useful links in the header.

    Maybe something has to be done w/ the RSS feed? While orange is the standard color, with all the orange on the site, it may get lost.

    Oh, I just noticed the calendar – very cool. Now if those items had a bit more info… or linked to the event page. Are you doing this through the “links” tool in WordPress?

    Lots to look at – nice job!

  122. I do really like the design overall but suggest these two changes:

    1.) Move the CB Education tab to the top navigation. This is amazing stuff by just too easy to overlap being at the bottom of the page.

    2.) Move the Events calendar high up the sidebar and above the fold. Since this is dynamically and timely information it should be more prominent. It kind of gets lost where it is now.

    My Twitter name is: Domain Treats


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