Featured CB Hero: Devin Archer

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Here are some more fun facts about Devin:

Favorite band of all time? Modest Mouse

Favorite Movie? Pride and Prejudice 

Favorite Book? Pride and Prejudice 

Favorite Quote?  “If you can imagine better you can do better”

Favorite Hot Spot in Sarasota? Main Street

Best Vacation Spot? Martha’s Vineyard

Favorite Meal? Alfredo with green peppers and morningstar chicken strips with biscuits

How many languages do you speak? One

Favorite Color? Blue

Mario or Luigi? Mario

Favorite Cereal? Mini Wheats

Mac or Windows? I’m a PC

Siblings?  One older Sister and One older Brother

If you could be any Super Hero, who would you be? I like Spiderman

What do you do that’s green?  Recycle and try to save on electricity  

Favorite Sports Team?  I am not much into sports but if I had to pick then it would be The Lakers.

Thanks for checking out our eighth edition of Clickbooth’s Featured CB Hero! We hope everyone has a great weekend and keep an eye out for our next CB Hero on 10/2!!!


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