5 Ways Being a Drummer Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

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drummerIs it any surprise that some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs these days are also drummers? Off the top of my head I can think of at least 7 or 8 super affiliates/accomplished entrepreneurs (and one amazingly talented Social Media Manager) that can drop a face-melting drum solo while simultaneously brainstorming new business ideas, setting up a brand new site, and negotiating a grueling 10 page contract. Pretty impressive, huh?

But it makes sense. You see, drummers are a different breed than most regular humans. We posses unique traits that have allowed us to find success where others have found failure. True story.

Now you might still be skeptical of the claims I am making, which is understandable as most people disregard drummers’ opinions due to many factors (the most apparent one being jealousy). It’s ok, we’re used to it 😛

However, I’ve put together 5 solid reasons that back my point up pretty well if you ask me…but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Here goes…

Drummers Love Their Job and It Shows. You have to live and breathe drumming if you truly want to be successful at it. Once the glitz and glam of being a drummer (i.e the automatic coolness factor, getting all the girls etc..) wears off, you have to really love what you do in order to master the trade and stand out from the crowd. Same goes with being an entrepreneur (and an affiliate for that matter). It’s easy to be attracted to this industry when you hear about the flexibility in work hours, being your own boss, and of course the money. But once you see what it really takes to make it as an entrepreneur, you truly have to LOVE the lifestyle if you want any chance at being successful. As drummers, we understand that completely, and thus are one step ahead of the game. 🙂

Drummers Are No Strangers To Hard Work and Practice. Whether it’s practicing rudiments, paradiddles, or a new stick spinning trick to impress the ladies, mastering the art of drumming takes time, hard work and a TON of practice. It means putting in long hours even when you’re tired and your fingers are bloody and callused. Why? Because it’s a passion and as drummers, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The successful entrepreneur has the same mindset. They know they can set their own hours and don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves. But they also understand that the people who think that way, are the ones who do the bare minimum just to get by, if that. To make it in this business (the entrepreneurial business that is..) your success and failure is entirely up to YOU. Whether it’s staying up til 4am working on a business plan, or split testing your sales pages over and over again to make sure you are getting the highest conversions possible, it all comes down to…you guessed it – hard work and practice.

We Know How To Stay On Beat. In other words, we focus – really, really well. Learning to move each body part completely independently of one another is no easy task for a new drummer. It takes sitting down for hours upon hours every single day, focusing on every single aspect of your movements. Which is exactly why our talent for focusing soars above most others – because it’s been ingrained in our heads since the minute we picked up sticks and a practice pad. As an entrepreneur, focus is of the utmost importance to the success of your business. Lacking focus can cause you to forget minor but very important details, spread your resources way to thin, and/or limit your ability to stay on task. However, if you started drumming before you were an entrepreneur, that commitment to focusing would just be a natural part of everything you do. 🙂

Drummers Are the Backbone of the Band. It is our job to keep everyone together, on task, and of course on time. If the drummer misses a beat, the whole band is negatively affected. Because of that, both our leadership and our accountability skills are developed from the get go. It’s practically a requirement as a drummer, so we take it very seriously. Similarly, you as an entrepreneur are the heart and soul of the businesses you build. If you miss a HUGE meeting, the whole business is affected. If you decide to take a month or two off, the ENTIRE business feels it. If you show up to work wasted everyday, you can be certain that your company will be on thin ice most of it’s life. Honing these skills as a drummer gives us a competitive edge in everything else we do.

Great Drummers are Diamonds in the Rough. And like successful entrepreneurs, are very high in demand. Not to sound cocky or anything, but we drummers, are used to people wanting us. Why? Because lots of drummers out there are flaky, have an issue with commitment, and to be honest..just aren’t very good. Therefore, most bands go through them like Kleenex. So when a kick-ass drummer comes around, a band will do anything to get them to join. So what’s the point I am trying to make here? As an entrepreneur, especially a successful one, you will get hundreds (if not thousands) of people pitching you to join them for new “amazing” opportunities. When that happens, you not only have to understand how to separate the good opportunities from the bad ones, but also evaluate the timing of each and be confident if you decide to say “No”. Because most great drummers have A LOT of experience getting pitched to, we can easily spot a crappy band that needs a lot of work, from one that has a real shot at making it. And that my friends gives us yet another edge that most entrepreneurs don’t get a lot of experience with until later on in their careers. Booyah.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Wow that SOB actually made some sense. I can’t believe it…Why the hell did I pick up the flute instead of the snare drum in grade school!?” Try not to beat yourself up too much about that…you still have what it takes to succeed. You just don’t have the inherent abilities that us drummers have that give us that competitive edge. 🙂

Just remember, the next time you are iffy about going into business with a fellow entrepreneur, ask them if they play the drums. If they do, you know you just hit the lottery and will more likely than not, have a very successful venture with them moving forward.


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