Employees’ Lunches Go Missing: CB Lunchbag Bandit Strikes Again

Has your lunch ever gone missing? Have you ever opened the fridge only to find a bite taken out of your pepperoni pizza? Are your lean cuisines disappearing like hot cakes? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you, my friend, are a first-hand victim of a heinous crime that has hit millions of corporate kitchens across the nation.

You may feel violated about the Pei-Wei leftovers that have mysteriously gone missing. Or perhaps what you feel is paranoia and fear that this character will strike again at any moment, stripping you of not only your delicious leftovers, but your decency.

The bad news is that the Lunchbag Bandit has struck again, and this time (he/she) was not messing around. What’s gone missing? Everything from corn bread that was meant to accompany a bowl of chili to an entire platter of Moe’s. The only thing left standing was a lonely-looking cupcake with a generous bite taken from it’s side.

Paranoia has hit CB employees as more and more lunches have gone missing. Employees have taken drastic measures to trick the bandit, like mis-labeling their lunches. One employee labeled her lunch “chewing tobacco.” But, the bandit did not falter and quickly snatched the plate of pulled pork right from its home. The Lunchbag Bandit has even become so skilled, that it’s been reported that (he/she) has stolen the socks right off the feet of a fellow CB employee. The worst part? He was eating while it happened.

The final straw was when one employee was found rocking back and forth underneath his desk muttering something about a missing homemade chicken pot pie. Yes, that’s right…homemade. Something had to be done. New state-of-the-art surveillance was put into place, and we were finally able to uncover the perpetrator of this rogue crime. And as every mystery goes, you never would’ve guessed who the violator was…

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  1. Very funny! I’ve never had my lunch stolen from the fridge but I’ve co-workers who’ve been victims of the infamous lunch bandit.

  2. Chris says:

    LULz. I think every company has this problem, damn lunch thieves! Just be happy you don’t have employees stealing the toilet paper! haha ;p

  3. lol Maybe I shouldn’t watch this at 5am. I am scared now… lol Good Job Guys!! Very funny.

  4. Mike says:

    Why would someone do this?? They are obviously hinting that they need a pay rise so that they can afford to buy their own lunch :) !!

  5. Sasha says:

    Really great video guys. That is sooooo annoying when that happens and nobody owns up!

  6. Dennis says:

    Really great video and this is really serious stuff guys!! I hope you get to the bottom of it!!! In the meantime, keep the vids coming.

  7. Dominic says:

    If it is the case i will eat everything at home in morning and than goo to office :)

  8. Dave W says:

    This is too funny, I need a lockbox!

    • Amy Capomaccio says:

      As a precautionary measure, I’m going to get a lockbox. Even though the bandit was restrained…I’m still suffering from post traumatic stolen lunch syndrome.

  9. al lopez says:

    lol my mom used to be a receptionist so she had to clean the fridge every week…and the things that she saw…man!

  10. Olivia Green says:

    Keep up the outstanding job and keep them coming!! You’re truly blessed with talent! Excellent work.

  11. brenda davis says:

    Lol .I watched this video twice.

  12. janna wilson says:

    The video producer is amazing. He should get an oscar!

  13. d taylor says:

    i would get a lunch box with 2 zipper head things and lock it with a little lock

  14. clark says:

    I never experienced something like this. Looks scary.

  15. lewis says:

    my mom kept noticing people at her work stealing her coffee creamer, so she put a decoy of spoiled milk, cigarette butts, dirt, and toothpaste in the bottle and waited.

  16. Josh Starkey says:

    If someone took my lunch I would torture them.

  17. Hailey says:

    Hey Clickbooth ! That’s hilarious ! I love it ! What’s up with that bandit? Some people have no respect…

  18. Hey!!! What’s up with stealing someone’s cupcake? Just eating one bite!!?? That’s awful. I hope they put that Burger King bandit in a room, tie them up, and then eat cake & cookies in front of them for hours!! Muah ha ha ha haaaa.

  19. My cousin was a Burger King back in the 70s when the company would hire actors to appear in restaurants and do magic tricks for kids. He worked several stores in the southwest. He’s still a big fan of all things BK so I’ll definitely share this with him!

  20. Burger King – home of the (microwaved) whopper! One of the better BK spoofs I’ve seen. The corporation should be salivating at all the free publicity they get!

  21. Hey! Too funny! I’m posting this on my Facebook account. Hey, does anyone else remember the Burger King sidekick from the 80s? Sir Shake-a-lot!

  22. Kim Rawks says:

    OK, that was cute. And I don’t blame the King for stealing food. I’ve heard his food stipend was scaled back at the restaurants. :)

    • Hey Kim! When I was in High School we used to call Burger King “The BK Lounge.” It had a Vegas-like 70s night club groove to it. So I’ll definitely chalk this vid up as one of the best Burger King parody vids ever…

  23. D. Hernandez says:

    Put rat poisoning in it .then, they’ll NEVER steal again.

  24. Shannon Hall says:

    You guys kill it with these videos!

  25. raja jones says:

    When you catch someone stealing your lunch, drag them over to the paper cutter and chop off one of their fingers.
    That usually keeps anyone from stealing your lunch again.

  26. thomas says:

    Glad this madness has stopped. That’s more than wrong making someone go their whole day at work hungry

  27. Nice work and video was great :D
    haha :D

  28. Wow, how do you guy’s come up with these ideas? This is so so so funny. lol I love you guy’s videos.

  29. Lily says:

    Hmmm remind me to have Clickbooth and the creative guys on my side the next time I have a mystery t to solve. I’ll get Clicky to by my Sherlock holmes and the, Burger King will be my first suspect

  30. Vinny Vito says:

    Can you make me laugh any harder??? Too funny Clicky and the Burger King should have a stand off on Clickbooth. I’d like to see Clicky kick Bk’s butt

  31. Malcolm says:

    Hilarious!! Clicky you’re my hero. Who knew that it would be Burger King. Clickbooth is the ;place to be this is even better than TV

  32. Annie says:

    Now the “capture video” should be shown at an Afiliate Summit event. That would really put the lunch stealer to shame. You know if they were a part of the affiliate network they could make a bunch of money with Clickbooth and have all their meals catered–no need to steal

  33. Maggie says:

    Looks like another tough case solved by the fine folks of Clickbooth. Nice! :)

  34. Jason says:

    I put my lunch in an oven at work one time and then got sidetracked. When I came back for it, it had mysteriously disappeared…coincidence? I think not… :-P

  35. Cindy says:

    No lunch bandit should ever go unpunished! I say we get this guy behind bars….>.<

  36. Joseph says:

    Stealing lunches really is quite unacceptable. This man needs to be brought to JUSTICE! lol nice vid

  37. Joel says:

    Hooray for fun blog post..boo to lunch snatchers!

  38. Martha says:

    haha! I love the note hanging in the fridge. Hopefully that detracts someone from ever stealing a lunch ever again. Just tell them you set up a camera in the kitchen and you can see who is stealing it, lol.

  39. Lenny says:

    Great post! but wow..it surely is unfortunate that people go and steal others food at work.

  40. Very funny video!! Whoever came up with the idea over at Clickbooth was very creative. I’m glad the thief turned out to be the Burger King cause he is just too freaky for me. I knew Clicky was innocent. You all keep your creative juices flowing. I look forward to seeing more videos.

  41. WilliAmee says:

    Oh I hate when that happens, lol. Sneaky lunch snatchers!

  42. Erica King says:

    Great video! hehe Keep ‘em coming :)

  43. BraydenMedia says:

    LOL It never happened with me but i am definitely going to try this with my friends.

  44. Brian says:

    Short and nice videos.keep up the good work

  45. Clay Hensley says:

    What a mischievous mascot that burger king king is. Just another reason not to like fast food I say…. :D

  46. Laura D. says:

    Wow I’m very impressed with this latest update! Great work with that video too!


  47. Hilarious video! I just love what you guys do. Thanks!

  48. Gabbi Gabs says:

    But… the burgers are better at Burger King!

  49. LMAO great video on really an issue that plagues the world

  50. And that’s why I always go out for lunch!

  51. CarolK says:

    Argh, I hate it when people do that! Funny video though

  52. Fortunately I’ve never had to deal with that at work *phew!*

  53. An easy way is just to put it in a lunchbox container and label it “tofu” :p

  54. Jason L says:

    Argh, the lunchbag bandit strikes again!

  55. Clicky!! I always knew that the Burger King dude was nothing but trouble! now he should just be reported to the proper authorities and all shall be well in clickbooth land

  56. Kyle James says:

    Some paranormal activity there indeed.
    And there is absolutely nothing I hate more than my lunch being stolen…<.<

  57. Josh Hunter says:

    Another great video from you good folks at clickbooth. Keep them coming guys! :D

  58. Erik Randall says:

    Ohh my god, this happens to me all the time! Gotta start putting my name on stuff, but even that dosen’t work sometimes! TOO FUNNY!

  59. Chet Lovern says:

    Haha hilarious. I bet the Burger King dude has been stealing lunches all across the country! That must be where BK gets their food

  60. That was one goofy video, and I loved it! I’m glad the culprit wasn’t Clicky, and I’m not surprised that it was the “Burger King”. He is one crazy mascot. You folks at Clickbooth are very creative. Other than the lunchroom episodes, it seems like you would be a great group of people to work with!!

  61. Aff Gossip says:

    When I was in college I brought home some amazing takeout food for later and one of my douchebag friends (I still don’t know which one) made it mysteriously disappear from the fridge. I’m still pissed, and that was like 10 years ago.

  62. I love these short videos you guys make! Also really like the name Calculated Creativity Studios.

  63. Andrew G says:

    Aw man now that Burger King guy is going to be in all my dreams….AGAIN
    lol but great video though

  64. m. walker says:

    Your post reminded me of the time my 6 yr-old left his Cars lunchbox on the bus. We tried to track it down but never ended up getting it back. We thought we had just misplaced it, but now I think the same guy from your video could’ve stolen it!

  65. jenna wilson says:

    Living with roomates the last 5 years I have found plenty of meals that I had planned on enjoying have suddenly gone missing. Its even funnier when no one wants to admit it. Everyone plays dumb and hope it goes away.

  66. Haha great video! Thank goodness the ClickBooth lunch thief was stopped…lunch thievery is unacceptable! :D

  67. Some people just have no respect for other peoples property or in this case lunches.

  68. Kyle Jones says:

    Any plans for a follow-up video by interviewing the thief?

    • Bobby Jo says:

      That would be cool. Have Clicky interviewing the Burger King at the scene of the crime, the Clickbooth kitchen. Perhaps with the King in handcuffs, with food all over his face. A possible sequel?

  69. Lucas says:

    Next time, break down some chocolate laxative bars and blend them in with your cupcake recipe and I’m sure the thief wouldn’t be touch anymore cupcakes.

  70. Hahaha! Fortunately, we were able to stop the perpetrator before things got too out of control. Employee’ lunches are now safe and sound. No need for these…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_FN7pu-huU

  71. This is so funny, but so real as well, what happened after the Burger King got caught red handed?

  72. Samuel S says:

    You should try setting up a booby trap – something like the blue paint when money bags are stolen, open the bag and bang blue paint everywhere, although I’m not quite sure how’d you pull this off, but would be funny.

  73. Hahah, these are so funny, my situation is similar except I’ll buy groceries and when I go to get something they are all gone, drives me nuts. Had to start hiding a couple items just so I’d get one.

  74. Madison Wade says:

    Great work on the vids, keeps me coming back for more everytime.

  75. WhoisKevin says:

    “The final straw was when one employee was found rocking back and forth underneath his desk muttering something about a missing homemade chicken pot pie. Yes, that’s right…homemade.” – lol

    It reminds me of an episode of Friends, where Ross’ boss eats his sandwich and he totally flips out because Monica had made it and his boss didn’t like the “best part”

  76. Trying masking your lunch by putting something awful on the top then a layer of clear wrap with the goods sitting underneath, then simple pull away the wrap and not so tempting grub to uncover the lunch time gem.

  77. Love the clip thanks for sharing. I avoid the stolen lunch scenario by heading home for lunch.

  78. Eric Ramsey says:

    You know if people would take the money they make from Clickbooth they could run out to Burger King instead of stealing from their neighbors. I bet you Clicky would never be a lunch bandit. Clicky is our friend!

  79. Should I fear that my lunch may get stolen if I go there to visit? :p

    • Thao Tran says:

      No you shouldn’t. The lunch bandit has been caught and we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Besides, we have plenty of high-tech surveillance around the premise so if anyone starts up with us again…there will be justice.

  80. Lisa Brock says:

    I think I am not coming there for lunch – nothing to EAT! HIlarious diatribe but that dude is scary – here and in those Burger King commercials too. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives and fo sho lick yo food!

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