Love At First Click: Building Customer Relationships To Increase Revenue

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Disclaimer: this post does not contain any ‘goo-goo gah-gah’ Valentine’s Day garbage. If you have a love for money and conversions, read on!

Let’s start off by talking about the one type of relationship that can actually make you money—the one with your customer. In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to build lasting relationships with online viewers. Why? Because if you don’t there are a million other fish in the sea, meaning that your customer can simply exit out of your page in less than a second and be redirected to another site that offers the same product or service as you do. The one thing that separates the great AM companies from the mediocre? How you treat your online customers.

Ask yourself these three important questions to see if you’ve already got the right mindset when it comes to building relationships with your customers.

Is building a relationship with your online customer important? Yes.

Do you have to exert a lot of time, money, and effort to do so? No.

Will maintaining a positive relationship increase your revenue? Yes.

T-T-T-T-T-TODAY Junior!

Metaphorically speaking, you’re just not my type. Figuratively speaking, you don’t stand a chance. Let’s keep it real with our customer, and tell them how it really is–that is with your landing page content and email creatives. Skip the fancy jargon and get to the point. 49% of consumers say they unsubscribe because content became boring or repetitive over time. How can you keep people from unsubscribing? Analytics. Keep a close eye on who’s responding, what they’re responding to, and where people are dropping off.

Avoid being too salesly or pushy, BUT be direct about what you’re offering and the benefits it will provide. Pay close attention to the subject lines of your emails. Geo-target your subject lines to make them more personal…

Blah: Lose Weight and Look Great!

Better: Lose 20 lbs. in 2 weeks!

Best: Sarasota Mom’s Trick to Losing 20 lbs. in 2 weeks!

Avoid smothering

Most marketers think frequency is the best way to stay fresh in consumers’ minds. But, in reality 54% of consumers say they unsubscribe when emails come too frequently from a particular brand. Do you have separate email addresses for business/personal and spam? I sure do, along with 50% of all other consumers, who use a separate inbox for real vs. junk mail. If you have separate email accounts, ask yourself: Why? Probably because you hate receiving emails that don’t pertain to you. It takes 1 second to hit the delete button until you’re forever blacklisted from your once loyal customer’s inbox. Don’t blow your chance by smothering your customers.

Share the love

Know your voice and who you’re speaking to. It’s important to be authentic and cater your tone of voice depending on which channel of communication you’re using. Your social media voice will sound different from your landing page and email voice. Also, think in terms of viral marketing, and how it can completely transform your campaigns. It’s easy and it’s free advertising. Think of it as an extension of your landing page, and free promotion of your brand. Interactive YouTube videos are some of the most common examples. Consumers will view your brand in a different light with this unique but effective approach of persuasion.

Rub their back, and they’ll rub yours, too.

It’s the basic law of physics folks, what goes up must come down, meaning that a small act of kindness can go a long way. Send a follow-up thank you email, tweet, or even have an additional thank you page attached to your offer. Want to take it to the next level? Instead of buying round after round of drinks for a girl who most likely isn’t going to go home with you at the end of the night, try something different to get her attention. Same goes for your customers. Try something innovative. Instead of jumping right in there trying to make a quick sale, take a more subtle approach. Try this: After someone buys your product, email them with a free download or PDF. For example, if your offer is for a weight loss product, follow up with a free download of weight loss tips and tricks.

Think about a positive experience you’ve had with a company. Now, think about the effects of that experience. Did you tweet about it? Did you tell your friends about it? Did you post about it on FB? Word gets around on the web.

Don’t send mixed signals.

Keep your messages consistent and send them to a variety of different channels. If your current plan involves just email marketing switch up your channels! You can really build your brand and leverage all different types of consumers. An integrated approach is necessary since customers are becoming more fragmented and opting for multiple channels to receive their information. Always remember to honor permissions and allow customers to opt-in.

Optimize your relationships

In the case of online advertising, it takes two to tango. But, it only takes one to make the relationship last, and that’s you! As the consumer – brand relationship continues to grow, make sure you are adapting to the evolving needs of your customers and tailoring your product/services. Just as you’d continuously optimize your campaigns to make them better and more profitable, you should be optimizing your relationships with your customers. You can start by remaining loyal to your customers and not your ideas. Let go of any pre-existing concepts or ideas you’ve been using to convert viewers into customers, and listen to what they want.

On to the next one…

For some, this may be frustrating because the brand – consumer relationship isn’t a romance that just blossoms overnight. The relationship with your customers will always be evolving, just like your brand. Most customers aren’t looking for anything too serious, but more of an exciting fling. And If you spend just a little bit of time, you’ll walk away with a relationship that’s not only mutually beneficial but extremely profitable.


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