Affiliate Summit East Aftershock

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Has it really been a week since Affiliate Summit East??? Just like the show itself, these past 6 days seem to have flown by before we knew it!

Between meetings, the expo floor, dinners at NY’s hot spots, a semi-earthquate and parties galore, we still managed to meet many of the brightest and up-and-coming players in the online marketing space. Our team could hardly wait to get back to the office and get the ball rolling with all our new partners and clients!

But of course we couldn’t meet everyone who attended ASE (as of right now, Clicky is the only one with those kinds of super hero powers). So if you didn’t get any face-time with our team at the show (or maybe you did & somehow “misplaced” their card…aka. lost it somewhere between our party and the Hilton bar), fret not! Just see below to find the CB’er you talked to and give them a shout!

While you’re at it, check out our Clickbooth Facebook page and tag yourself in pics from our Affiliate Awakening party for a chance to win some CB gear!


We’ll be randomly selecting a winner on September 9th, so keep an eye out to see if you win.

For those of you who missed all the fun at ASE 2011, keep your eyes open for details about our Ad:Tech NY event in November…plans are already in process! And, as always, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave comments below!


ClickBooth Affiliate Summit East 2011 Team

Erin Cigich
President & Managing Partner
(941) 584-0341
AIM: ErinClickbooth
Skype: ErinClickbooth


Alexis Moreland
Advertising Director
(941) 584-6571
AIM: AlexisClickbooth
Skype: AlexisClickbooth
Ashlee Pendleton
Publishing Director
(941) 584-0348
AIM: AshleeClickbooth
Skype: AshleePendleton


Lee Aho
Advertising Director
(941) 556-2458
AIM: LeeClickbooth
Skype: LeeClickbooth
Jen Sangbush
Publishing Director
(941) 584-6578
AIM: JenClickbooth
Skype: JenClickbooth


Mark Hendrix
Advertising Director
(941) 584-0350
AIM: MarkClickbooth
Skype: MarkClickbooth
Brad Dobbins
Senior Affiliate Strategist
(941) 584-0448
AIM: BradClickbooth
Skype: Dobbins.b26


Brittany Gratton
Senior CPC Advertising Consultant
(941) 584-6551
AIM: BritClickbooth
Skype: BKClickbooth
Elise Rosato
Affiliate Strategist
(941) 584-0438
AIM: EliseClickbooth
Skype: EliseClickbooth


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