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If you haven’t seen Clickbooth ad panels when perusing your morning news, weather or gossip, then you’ve clearly been living under a rock. Last fall Clickbooth launched their newest brain child, CB CPC, a full service CPC ad network. Our vision is simple, provide advertisers with a high level of premium site impressions, full service managed accounts, industry competitive bids and complete transparency.


We are going to be making quite the debut at Ad Tech NY this November, so we wanted to make sure you know what we are all about.


Five Things to Know About CPC:


1. It’s all about the traffic sources. Any ad network can sell impressions, but if they aren’t quality impressions, then you are just throwing money out the window. We work solely with Premium Publisher sources. Our media buy team works hands on with Market Research and Advertiser requests to make sure that they only bring on the highest valued sources. We are currently running on: MSNBC, CBS, NBC, FoxNews, La Times, Whitepages, Health.com, etc.


2. So you’ve decided that you like the traffic sources an ad network has to offer. Now what? Well the next step is setting up a campaign, deciding what sources to run, where to set your bids and then closely monitoring it after launch. We offer full service managed accounts, for free. Yes, you heard me correctly, FREE. Why? At the end of the day we aren’t successful unless you are. We have two teams solely dedicated to the success of your campaigns. Our campaign administration team sets up all of the ads and bids based off your particular vertical. In addition, we have team of optimizers and their sole purpose is to optimize campaigns day in and day out. Let’s not forget about your advertising consultants. They are the individuals that have a birds eye view of what’s working and not working. You will be able to utilize them for CTR improvements, creative recommendations, etc.


3. Show me the money! In the sport of media buying it takes money to make money. However, the amount of revenue you earn has to outweigh the amount you spend. Premium traffic sources don’t come cheap. Luckily, with our CPA reputation and expert media buyers we are able to bring on the highest level of sources and pass them to our advertisers at competitive bids. At the end of the day, our goal is for our advertisers bring home the bacon.


4. So now you are up and running, placements are selected and bids placed. Once enough data is in, the next step is optimization. It’s important to figure out where your campaign is succeeding and where it’s failing. Oh wait, you can’t see that? That sucks! You must be running on a blind ad network. Fortunately for you, CB CPC is completely transparent down to the URL level. You have access to all of the same statistical information that we do. So whether you go the managed account route, or decide that self serve is a better fit, you have full control over what goes on in your account. Our system allows you to simultaneously see performance, pause and un-pause sources, and increase and lower bids.


5. Enough said. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXaMUvM0Ko


What are the future plans for CB CPC? World domination, obviously. On a serious note, we know you’ve seen us, now it’s just time to experience us. Our plans for the future are huge and we want you to experience this monumental growth with us. Still have questions? Stop by booth #1818 and let’s chat…


Guest Post:

Brittany Gratton, Sr. CB CPC Advertising Consultant

Chris Butlin, CB CPC Publishing Account Executive



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