Clickbooth Embraces “Movember” to Raise Awareness For Prostate Cancer

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The month formerly known as November, picked up a new name in 2003.  Movember, what many people around the world now call the month of November, originated in Australia where the goal was “to get 30 men to grow their facial hair for 30 days to draw attention to men’s cancer, specifically prostate cancer.” Movember now has world-wide participation and, raised over $174 mil

The Rules of Movember are clearly stated on the official website,

1.  Once registered online, each “mo bro” must begin the 1st of November with a clean shaven face.

2.  For the entire month of Movember, each “mo bro”must grow and groom a mustache.

3.  There is to be no joining of the mo to one’s sideburns. (That is considered a beard.)

4.  There is to be no joining of the handlebars to one’s chin. ( That’s considered a goatee.)

5.  Each “mo bro” must conduct himself like a true country gentleman.


A few Clickbooth employees took on the Movember challenge to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. 

Steve Ehrlinspiel

Steve wanted to participate in raising money for charity, and has been known to grow a mustache from time to time. “It was fun seeing my coworkers join in the experience.  My vote for best mustache goes to Paul Mazzapica because he looked the most ridiculous; however, I was surprised by Richards lack of growth by the end of the month.” Steve’s tips for growing a successful mustache are to make sure you condition and comb regularly.

Steve Week 1:                                       Steve After:

Paul Mazzapica

“I accepted it as a challenge to grow the most aggressive mustache in the office.” Paul thinks that out of the four guys who participated, he had the most solid and powerful ‘stache, and quite impressive for someone’s first time ever growing one.  He kept his mustache looking sharp by shaping it with a 10 in. Bowie Hunting Knife.

Paul Week 1:                          Paul After:

Chris Butlin

Chris took this opportunity to help fight cancer, and grow his first mustache with support from his co-workers.  He also thought that out of the four, Paul grew the best mustache because it looked like a paint brush under his nose. When asked how he kept his mustache so well sculpted, Chris replied, “Mine just naturally grows beautiful and creepy like that.”

Chris Week 1:                                   Chris After:

Richard Iwanik-Marques

Richard was the fourth member of the Movember crew.  I’m not even going to try to summarize Richard’s experience; here it is uncut:

“I wanted to to take part in Movember because I knew it was for a really good cause, and I figured I might as well try to grow one at some point.  I’d heard about it [Movember] but could never find a group of guys cool enough to actually go through with it.  Little did I know that I can’t even grow a mustache.   At the end of the 30 days, my upper lip looked like when the coolest kid in middle school is first starting to grow facial hair, so he doesn’t shave to show it off.  It wasn’t even close to a legit stache. Paul had the best mustache, hands down.  His stache was bushy, full, and lush.  He actually looked pretty handsome and manly. I think he should treat every month like Movember, because shaven Paul is boring.”

Richard Week 1:                          Richard After:


We are proud of our Clickbooth guys who chose to help make a difference in fighting and finding a cure for prostate cancer.  If you would like to register for next Movember, donate to the cause, or would like more information on Movember, please visit


Who had the best, worst, creepiest, etc. mustache?  You be the judge!  Let us know in the comments below!



             *None of the above grooming tips are endorsed by, and are strictly in good humor.


Guest Post: Caitlin Schaffstall



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