6 Tips For Dominating the Mobile Space

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The next big boom in Internet marketing is upon us.

If you haven’t already grasped the potential of mobile advertising and the keys to success in the space, now is the time to start. US mobile advertising revenue is expected to reach $1.2 billion this year, and that’s less than 2% of global revenue. Even more shocking, currently more people in the world have access to cell phones than electricity.

As in any new traffic type or medium it’s always tricky to know where to dive in. If you are just now starting to think about taking your business mobile or even if you are currently seeing success in the mobile space, here are some crucial facts and tips to help move your business in the right direction.

  • Research how users interact with advertisements on mobile devices so you can integrate and supplement those strategies into your marketing plan. Interaction with mobile is constantly evolving and the possibilities for the way people use their phones/tablets are practically limitless. Currently the majority of mobile users are male, and over 50% are over the age of 35. The most common use for mobile devices is text message/SMS, which over 74% of users are engaging with. Research demos of mobile consumers specific to your campaigns and understand how they interact with their devices to help hone in your marketing efforts.
  • Diversify your sources. There are currently 40+ major mobile ad networks and this number is ever-expanding. Different networks specialize in various traffic types from in-app advertising to paid search to Web display traffic. Start out with less saturated sources and understand their user demos and top performing verticals. Let the knowledge of your traffic help guide you towards choosing the best offers. If you are already seeing success on a couple of ad networks, don’t be afraid to venture into a new source.
  • Even if you are not buying media, don’t ignore mobile. By the end of 2012, more users will be viewing email on their mobile devices than on desktop. Integrate mobile strategies into your mailing business to ensure you won’t lose any traffic with this shift from desktop to mobile. This could be as simple as including mobile-optimized links in your email or as complex as developing email campaigns completely targeted towards mobile devices.
  • Think international.Global revenue from mobile advertising is projected to hit $67 billion in 2012. Brazil, India, and China are seeing the biggest booms in mobile advertising growth — by2015, mobile ad spending in these countries combined will be about $6 billion. The US market is expected to grow to around half of that. Diversify your traffic into these regions and identify a solid translator tool. Also recognize that throughout the world users demonstrate different patterns for interacting with mobile advertisements. For instance, in countries like China mobile billing is the prominent method of payment (as opposed to credit cards in the US), while in certain regions including South America more people have access to mobile devices than desktops.
  • Preview the mobile landing page and understand the path the user goes through. It’s always important to know the flow of the offer and the action required for you to be paid. Check out this useful tool to preview offers on mobile devices.
  • Always Be Testing. If you are new to mobile, understand that you won’t be successful right out of the gate. Mobile is a relatively new advertising avenue that is still in constant development and change. Stay flexible in your marketing efforts and keep testing until you find the right combination for scaling profitably. It’s best to start out small – choose one offer, one carrier, one handset — and focus on finding success with this campaign before you expand targeting and replicate what you’ve learned on additional offers and sources.


Guest Post: Katie Rose, Clickbooth Senior Affiliate Strategist

Katie Rose was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio — she graduated from Northwestern University with double Bachelors degrees in 2009 and promptly relocated from the Midwest to Florida. As a member of the CB Publishing team, Katie specializes in a wide variety of media including mobile traffic. In her free time she enjoys the beach, Zumba, wine, and gardening.


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