POFpro Ad Platform is “Game Changer” for Plenty of Fish Marketers

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Exciting news for Plenty of Fish marketers! iPyxel Creations has announced the public release of a new ad platform designed to track, automate, and scale the POF traffic source. POFpro is a completely unique solution that is fully integrated with POF’s self-serve ad system and promises to seriously simplify POF advertising for marketers of all experience levels.


Easy-to-use functionality essentially does all the monitoring and analytics for you, giving you a huge advantage over your competition. Best of all, you can try this tool for free. On top of the completely free 30 day trial, POFpro is currently offering an additional 2-3 week trial during the “public beta” period.

“Currently there isn’t really a solution out there that does what POFpro does,” says Founder Tom Fang. “What people have duct-taped together are things that make you export reports from multiple platforms and leave it to you to mash it up in Excel. The basic foundation is we drill down to the specific ROI of a creative with no extra effort from one central interface. Then, with the incredibly granular data, we are able to apply advanced features like rule-based auto-optimization and day-parting, which all contribute to users spending less time monitoring campaigns and to scale faster.” 

In iPyxel Creations’ official POFpro Launch Press Release, Ben Louie, Senior Account Manager at POF Ads fully endorsed the platform and said, “This piece of technology is a complete game changer for any POF advertiser. If you’re new, they have an expansive training guide that they used to charge for, now it’s 100% free as part of the platform.”

Check out the full POFpro Launch Press Release here


For more details on the launch or to find out more about the company, check out iPyxel’s Blog @ http://ipyxel.com/pofpro-premium-tracking-optimization-platform-for-pof-ads-launches-to-public/





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