Google’s Hummingbird Can Help You Rank

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As more information becomes clear after our initial reporting of Google’s Hummingbird update, it is important online marketers understand the new ways emerging to optimize for search. Google has continued to update its algorithm with the goal of providing users with the highest quality content in their search results. This update is the largest since 2001, estimated to affect 90% of search. While it of course aims for quality, Google has entirely restructured the way search results will achieve this quality. Check out some of the benefits of the update and ways internet marketers can take advantage of it, highlighted by Mashable below:

  • Think answers, not data. Forget keywords. As an online marketer catering to the customer, anticipate what the searcher’s intent is with their query; what answer are they are looking to find? Optimizing for human, conversational, long tail queries will now help your content rank.
  • Small guys have a better chance. Smaller businesses that previously had a more difficult time ranking for generic or popular search terms have a better chance of higher placement. Larger companies will not automatically dominate the SERPS. Any company utilizing the human, conversational optimization will have a chance to rank.
  • Similar to voice commands for mobile users. Voice-powered commands (Siri) on smartphones are not perfect, but the goal is clear: generate answers to what users specifically ask for, in the most direct, fastest manner possible. Think along these lines when working to provide specific details for searchers vs. generic keyword fluff.
  • Consider as many queries as possible. Instead of traditionally brainstorming and analyzing keywords your potential customer may include in their search, think about the questions they would ask. The more diverse queries you can come up with, with your searcher in mind, the better you can optimize your page. This also gives businesses more topics to write about to create more dynamic content.
  • Update old content. Marketers can amp up old content to perform along the lines of the new thought-based search. Any older content that was super keyword-heavy can be revised. Old content could become new, high-ranking content in the search results.
  • Give searchers more. Now that Google displays search content right on the search page, you must find a way to draw consumers in to actually click your link. Even if your page answers their question, they will no longer need to click on your link to view it. Google wants to keep users on Google-based platforms. However, expanding what your site has to offer users, besides the initial answer to their question, will ensure your links are clicked on.

If you have focused on quality content, Hummingbird could help your site rank, instead of hurting it. Work to reshape the SEO of your campaigns to mesh with Google’s new update and the update could be beneficial for your marketing campaigns. Technology will only continue to cater to the specific needs of consumers, therefore your campaigns will need to adapt to these changes to continue to scale.


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