Congratulations to Brittany Gratton on 5 Amazing Years at Clickbooth!

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Congratulations to Senior Account Executive, Brittany Gratton, for 5 AMAZING years at Clickbooth. Brittany was presented her 5 Year Award this past Friday by CEO John Lemp and was recognized as a true leader of her team. She is the perfect example of selflessness, passion, and dedication and we are so happy to have her ! Thank you for all that you do, Brittany. We are looking forward to another 5 years!



Favorite Movie:  Snakes on a Plane. Obviously.

Favorite Color: Crayola’s Purple Pizzazz

If I were a TV Character, I’d Be: Elaine from Seinfeld because she has killer dance moves. See for yourself

If I could have any Superpower: Fly, that way I can migrate even further south when Florida reaches anything below 60 degrees.

Favorite CB Memory: My surprise work baby shower! There have been very few times in my life that I can say I was actually surprised, and this was one of them 🙂


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