8 Reasons why ASE will suck for you if you don’t have a plan. #5 is Key

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1. The WiFi will crash at the same time you are checking your email for your meeting’s contact info.


2. You’ll get stuck in convos with newbies asking you “What does CPA stand for?”


3. You’ll get in a fight with someone about plug real estate because you didn’t charge your cell phone.


4. You’ll be awkwardly peering at people’s name badges to try to figure out who to spend time with.


5. If you’re an affiliate, billions of dollars worth of industry knowledge will be in one room without you because you didn’t request entry to The cb:Black Event.


6. If you’re an advertiser, you will lose months spent tracking down the top traffic provider, the top processor, the top customer service company, the top CRM, the top fulfillment center and the top manufacturer who you could have met within 3 hours at the Clickbooth and Limelight Event.


7. You’ll be paying $17/drink because you didn’t make it to the Affiliate Nation Party before the massive line prevented you from getting to the OPEN BAR.


8. You’ll go home tired, hungover, sick and doing the same amount of traffic you are right now.



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