Staff You Should Know: Laura Miller

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We have an amazing, crazy and dedicated team here at Clickbooth. We thought it would be fun to introduce a new series to the blog: Staff You Should Know:  Reps of Clickbooth! While this stuff may not be vital to your knowledge of your rep, it is definitely fun to get to know a little more about them and their personalities. With that being said let’s kick things off.

Staff You Should Know: Laura Miller

Laura Miller has been with the Clickbooth Advertising  Team for almost 9 years. She began as a Jr. Advertising Executive and now leads as an Advertising Account Director.


  1. I have been working at CB for almost 9 years and moved back home to Cincinnati almost 5 years ago. So I have now been working remotely longer than I did from the office in FL.
  2. While I am no chef, I am great with a skillet. I would definitely consider myself a foodie and am currently loving Blue Apron.
  3. I have a borderline scary obsession with Halloween! I love to go all out with my costumes. One year I was Sharknado!
  4. IMG_3220 I love traveling to new places. So far, my favorite place is Oia on Santorini, where my husband and I honeymooned. I am also just as content floating on an inner tube on a lake. Luckily, there are many beautiful lakes just south of us in KY and TN.
  5. I was in a kickball league in downtown Cincinnati. One night, Jerry Springer showed up. We invited him to play, and my husband kicked a home-run off one of his pitches. Of course, when it was Jerry’s turn to kick, we all starting chanting, “Jerry! Jerry!…”
  6. A few years ago, I participated in a pickle-eating contest at a local festival. I am a fairly slow eater in general, so not sure why I thought it was a good idea. Needless to say, I came in dead last, but it was still hilarious and I had a bunch of friends and family show up to watch.
  7. IMG_3215My husband and I own 52 acres out in Indiana with 2 other couples. It is a place to go hiking, off-roading, creeking, camping and general outdoor fun. We bought an RV last year and just put in water, so it is becoming a little more civilized. 🙂
  8. I have a daughter, Gwenyth Marie, who just turned 2 in May. I am expecting a second child on September 30th. Gwen is absolutely hysterical and so much fun, so this next kid has a lot to live up to! We are waiting to find out the gender, which we did the first time too. I always had a gut feeling Gwen was a girl, so it really did not come as much of a surprise. I have no gut feeling this time, so I am getting a bit eager!
  9. IMG_3221I am a huge sports fan, but predominantly for the NFL. I keep buying season tickets for the Bengals every year, despite the fact that they keep disappointing me.
  10. IMG_3225 I am gaining an interest in gardening, primarily just having success with tomatoes and herbs so far. I even taught myself how to can last year and had enough jars of tomatoes to last almost through winter.
  11. I have been a huge bookworm my whole life, but fell off that wagon hard many years back. It was my New Year’s Resolution to get back into it, so I am catching up on all the best sellers from the past years. I most recently finished Gone Girl and began Kite Runner.
Stay tuned for our next Rep Edition of Staff You Should Know!

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