Affiliates, You have the power to choose!

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Based on direct feedback from our affiliates we’ve made some changes to the Clickbooth Performance Exchange and added new features. We are excited to let you know that we are giving you the power to choose! You now have three options:

1) Run a Single Offer

2) Run a Customized Group of Offers

3) Run CB’s Exclusive Offer Blend

When you select your own group of offers or run our exclusive offer blend, our proprietary learning algorithm will be working to serve the best offer for every single click! These new features can be accessed through the Offers and Offer Groups sections within the platform.

I’m sure you’re wondering “What exactly do these do features provide?”


Well, you’ll be glad to know that you now have the ability to see all the offers Clickbooth has available on the exchange under the Offers tab. This tab has replaced our original Vertical section.


Our affiliates have the ability to run a single vertical link that rotates all the top performing offers within that vertical, but you told us you want to know exactly WHICH offers those are.  In an effort to provide you with more, you can now see every single offer that will be included under a specific vertical.


To take it even further, you asked “What if I only want to run specific offers?”


Now you can! Our new Offer Groups feature gives you the control to select which offers are included in your vertical links! Whether it’s one specific offer, or maybe it’s just a couple of key offers you want to serve, you can pick and choose what works best for you! The Offer Groups tab has replaced the Links tab and this is where you can build out your custom groups for your offers.


To create an Offer Group Select ‘Create Offer Group’ from the top right of the Offer Group Screen. The default setting will be ‘CB’s Exclusive Offer Blend’ to create a vertical link that will run all Clickbooth offers within that vertical.


If you select ‘Customize Offer Group’ here you will see the many customizable features you can choose from when adding your own offers.


Once you’ve selected which types of offers you’d like to choose from click on ‘Add Offers’ and a box will pop up with all offers available based on your criteria.


This customization not only provides you the ability to have new technology and traditional promotional methods all in one place but also gives our clients more transparency and control. Our proprietary technology gives us the power to provide our affiliates with what they need to be successful.

Log in now to test out these new features for yourself! Not currently on the Clickbooth Performance Exchange? Sign Up Today!


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