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Here are a few more fun facts about Peter:
Favorite band of all time? Black Eye Peas
Favorite movie of all time? Rudy
If you could be any Super Hero, who would you be? Superman of course
One food you can’t live without is: Pizza
Favorite Sports Team? Chicago Bears…

Featured CB Hero: James Solomon

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Here are some more fun facts about Devin:
Favorite band of all time? Modest Mouse
Favorite Movie? Pride and Prejudice 
Favorite Book? Pride and Prejudice 
Favorite Quote?  “If you can imagine better you can do better”
Favorite Hot Spot in Sarasota? Main Street
Best Vacation Spot? Martha’s Vineyard
Favorite Meal? …

Here’s some more fun facts about Brad:

Favorite band of all time? Nickelback

Favorite Movie? Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Book? Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Favorite Quote? Don’t take life to seriously, you’ll never get out allive. – Van Wilder
Favorite Hot Spot in Sarasota? Siesta Key

Best Vacation Spot? Florida Keys…