Holiday shopping sales skyrocketed this year, already hitting $23.9 billion to-date from online shopping, an 8% increase from last year, according to ComScore’s recent study. Cyber Monday brought in $1.735 billion (up 18% from last year) from desktop online spending, deeming it the largest online spending day in history.  Cyber Monday was also the second day this season to surpass $1 billion in sales, after Black Friday’s $1.198 billion in sales.

As the holiday season continues to move forward, continue to cash in! Keep on track with our 2013 Holiday Survival Guide, which highlighted some of the best online marketing tactics for the holidays and featured our hottest offers to take advantage of this season. Here are a few quick reminders:


  • Create seasonal landing pages 
  • Utilize seasonal creatives (banners, emails, etc.)
  • Ensure the highest holiday ROI by increasing your online reach with exclusive access to our premium network of affiliates! Become a Clickbooth advertiser today:


  • Utilize holiday-themed offers and promo codes
  • Keep in mind the top verticals of 2012 – diet, muscle and skin
  • Focus on the hottest holiday offers. Hit up your Clickbooth rep today to start running top offers now! Not working with Clickbooth yet? Signup quickly and easily today to get ACCESS:


Christmas and New Year’s are quickly approaching and we have tons of HOT offers to help you make the most of the remainder of the holiday season! Hit up your Clickbooth rep right now to get setup with the offers below:

Hot Holiday Offers:
(31084) On Demand Research – Macy’s Xmas – Lead Gen
(31071) On Demand Research – Toys R US Xmas – Lead Gen
(30975)  Package From Santa – Straight Sale
(31088) Letters from Santa – Straight Sale
(31051) Ridemakerz – Holiday Offer – Straight Sale

Top Seasonal Performers with Holiday Creatives:
(13166)  100DayLoans
Email Creative: 209820 – Christmas 2013

(31000)  Dibzees – Penny Auction
Email Creative:  210439 – Holiday 2013

(10451) E-Cigs Electronic Cigarettes – Trial Offer
Email Creative: 210223 – Holiday 2013

(30602) AnastasiaDate – Free Promo Month – 21+ – First Page Submit (Exclusive)
Creative:  210214 Alternate Link (Holiday Page) & 210472 (Christmas 2013)


New Year’s Resolution Offers:
(30800) Garcinia Pure Select (CB2X: DOUBLE Payout Trial) (Exclusive)
(30915) Green Coffee Max
(30914) NitroFocusNO3 – Trial (Exclusive)
(30808) La Creme Skincare – Trial
(23717) XtremeMusclePro – Trial (Exclusive)
(30918) DermaPerfect – AntiAging Serum – Trial (Exclusive)
(10451) E-Cigs Electronic Cigarettes – Trial Offer
(13621) RussianBrides – Premium – First Page Submit
(30113 & 31069)

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Consumers spent $2 billion on Cyber Monday last year. Thanksgiving and Black Friday followed respectively with $1.34 billion and $1.57 billion. In total, consumers spent $42.3 billion from November 1st to December 31st. Even more notably, on Black Friday in 2012, online sales increased by 26% while in-store sales declined by 2%, according to a report from Google. FedEx is anticipating shipping 22 million packages on Cyber Monday this year, accounting for an 11% increase from last year. Clearly, online shopping sales are expected to continue to grow.

If you want your earnings to pile up like snow this holiday season, you need to stay on top of current holiday trends and adapt your campaigns now!

Consumers are on the prowl to score the best deals during their holiday shopping. Any offer providing a percentage or dollar amount off the original price will have holiday shoppers ready to go! Free shipping is always a huge draw for those online shoppers who want to avoid in-store madness and long lines.

Mobile will also be a game changer for online holiday marketing this year. Creating mobile-optimized campaigns is not an option; it is a necessity to accomplish the highest ROI. With consumers constantly plugged-in to their mobile devices, this is an essential opportunity for brands to connect with consumers as they shop for the holidays. This holiday season alone is expected to have a 68% increase in mobile purchases!

As Facebook and other social media sites like Pinterest continue to increase user engagement and function as ad platforms, consumers will utilize social media for gift inspiration for products and services on their wish list. If you properly utilize unique, captivating, holiday-themed content, you can drive the consumer from the social media site to your landing page to make the sale.

Top Earning Days for the 2013 Holiday Season:

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 28th

Black Friday: November 29th

Cyber Monday: December 2nd

The week of Green Monday: Starting December 9th

Christmas: Wednesday, December 25th

Add some holiday cheer into your campaigns with these simple marketing tactics:


  • Create seasonal landing pages. Adding some snowflakes or fun holiday-themed images can boost consumer engagement. Ads with seasonal content convert more sales during the holiday season.
  • Utilize seasonal creatives. Holiday-themed banners, email creatives and to/from subject lines will better appeal to consumers looking out for holiday deals and offers.
  • Advertise offers early to reach consumers. Most consumers have already started holiday shopping so technically you are already late to the game! Don’t waste another minute.


  • Run offers with unique content and holiday-themed promo codes to boost holiday sales. We can say it enough, holiday shoppers love holiday deals!
  • Follow consumer trends. The top verticals of 2012 were diet, muscle and skin. Running offers within top verticals based on the holiday season will help earn you the highest ROI.
  • Promote unique marketing days like Green Monday. Known as the second Monday in December that is roughly 10 days leading up to Christmas, this is optimal time for last minute online shoppers to scramble to complete their purchases.
  • Get access to the hottest holiday offers. Hit up your Clickbooth rep today to start running these top offers now! Not working with Clickbooth yet? Signup quickly and easily today to get started ASAP:

Top Offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

(31050)  On Demand Research – Kohl’s Black Friday – Lead Gen
Now Available! Black Friday Creative ID # 209760

(31000)  Dibzees – Penny Auction
Now Available! Black Friday Creative ID # 209922

(10728)  Quibids – Auction Bidding Site
Now Available! Seasonal Creatives ID #’s 209782 and 209784

(24089)  Thompson Cigar – Elite 15 w/ Humidor & FREE Shipping- Straight Sale
Now Available! Cyber Monday Creative ID # 209893

Top Offers for Christmas:

(30975)  Package From Santa – Straight Sale

(31071)  On Demand Research – Toys R US Xmas – Lead Gen

(30414)  Thompson Cigar – Total Cigar Package (Exclusive)
Now Available! Holiday Creative ID # 209891

(30924)  uSell – Cash for Phones
Now Available! Holiday Creative ID # 209895




Guest Post:

Jennifer Ballard, Affiliate Executive: Jennifer graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Newly graduated, Jennifer joined the Clickbooth team as part of our media department and quickly realized her expertise and skills made her a better fit for the affiliate executive role. In her free time she enjoys going to Key West, drinking wine, and spending time with her family and friends and puppy Scout.


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While running paired offers on your site, are you analyzing the performance of these offers in conjunction with one another? Many affiliates tend to focus on the performance of each offer within the pairing individually. In doing so, you may miss out on achieving maximum revenue for your campaigns. Understanding the way the two offers appeal to consumers and perform together could earn you more money overall. When analyzing metrics avoid EPC tunnel vision – it is more important to focus on the big picture and consider attach rates as well as EPCs.

What is Attach Rate?

The attach rate of a pairing is the percentage of consumers who have purchased both the spot 1 offer and the spot 2 offer.

  • Understand the goal of pairing offers. Your goal is for consumers to click both offers and as a result, purchase both the spot 1 and spot 2 offers.
  • Think complimentary offers. The best paired offers are products that are complimentary to one another; the spot 2 offer makes the spot 1 offer (the original product) better when the two products are combined, providing more value to the customer. Ex. Spot 1: Barbie’s Dream House, Spot 2: Ken Doll
  • Consider clicks on both spots. A higher number of clicks on spot 2 typically results in more overall revenue. This can be true even if the conversion rate/EPC is lower on the spot 2 campaign.
  • Think overall revenue. Consider various perspectives when analyzing performance metrics. If you only analyze EPCs for each offer when determining the pairing’s overall performance, you could be cheating yourself. High attach rate with lower EPCs can accomplish more revenue OVERALL than higher EPCs with a lower attach rate. Check out the example below:

Scenario 1:

Spot 1 Stats
Clicks: 3000
EPC: $4.02
Affiliate Revenue: $12,080

Spot 2 Stats
EPC: $6.82
Affiliate Revenue: $9,555
Attach Rate for Spot 2: 81%
Total Affiliate Revenue: $21,635


Scenario 2:

Spot 1 Stats
Clicks: 3000
Affiliate Revenue: $13,200

Spot 2 Stats
EPC: $5.29
Affiliate Revenue: $7,410
LOWER Attach Rate for Spot 2: 57%
Total Affiliate Revenue: $20,610

Most offers typically show 60-70%+ attach rate when paired. In many cases, even a paired combination with a higher attach rate can beat out offers with a higher payout, while having lower attach rates. With high rates of purchase for both products by users, it is clear pairing offers can create max revenue. Be strategic with paired offers. Take the time to dig into the stats and review the metrics of your paired offers’ performance from different angles to best accomplish the highest ROI. By always thinking about the big picture you will ensure your highest potential for success.

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adtech NY 2013_event header

Two weeks until ad:tech NY which means only two weeks until The Affiliate Nation ad:tech NY Party! Clickbooth, CPAWay and Adknowledge are bringing the party by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers back to NYC on November 6th! The biggest, totally free party of ad:tech is almost here …


What: Clickbooth, CPAWay & Adknowledge Present Affiliate Nation’s ad:tech NY Mega Party

Where: LQ New York – 511 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017

When: Wednesday, November 6th, 9pm – 2am



From the West Coast to the East Coast Affiliate Nation parties are always the biggest and best in the affiliate marketing industry. We know how to throw parties that people can’t stop talking about – the parties where EVERYONE will be. Affiliate Nation parties are always completely FREE, featuring free open bar, amazing entertainment and of course the best networking with the top players in the industry. Business doesn’t end when the conference closes its doors for the day … make the most of your time at ad:tech while having the MOST fun.

Without a doubt LQ New York will hit capacity early and stay packed all night long so to guarantee your spot at be sure to get there early and RSVP today!


Sponsorship are limited but if you are looking to make a seriously lasting impression and be seen among our TOP industry sponsors be sure to check out our available packages here:


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Twitter users now have the option to allow any person or company to contact them by public or private message, regardless of if the user has approved the follower or not, reports CNN. The feature is not automatic – users must activate the feature. Previously, Twitter users were only able to receive private messages from approved followers. The feature launch is another step along the way of Twitter’s path to going public. The feature has been rolled out to select users, some of which have had the ability to utilize the feature as early as this Tuesday. Brands will be able to take advantage of this new feature to target new audiences without having to win them over first by gaining the users as a follower of the company’s twitter account. Sites will also be able to send news alerts via the new feature.

While users will need to opt in for the feature to allow direct messages from any person or company, it does provide brands potential reach into these untapped twitter users. The key here will be to proceed cautiously. You do not want to overwhelm these users. If you overstep the line, it may leave users with a negative feeling about your brand. However, it could be beneficial for spreading the word on your products and services. So tread lightly and do not abuse this new feature.

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Pinterest’s traffic referrals have increased by 66% in the last year, making it the fastest growing social network for referral traffic to date, according to a study by Shareaholic. If you are not utilizing Pinterest to market your brand and bring consumers to your site, you are missing out. Pinterest now drives the second highest amount of traffic of all social media, tripling that of Twitter. While Facebook accounts for more than 10% of overall traffic to publishers in September, Pinterest contributes 3.68% of overall traffic compared to Twitter’s 1.17%. Pinterest actually drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Reddit combined. The top three social media drivers (Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter) account for 15.22% of all referral traffic, confirming social media marketing is of utmost importance to any online marketing campaign.

Pinterest is clearly continuing to grow into one of the leading social media platforms driving traffic for publishers. It will be interesting to see how Pinterest’s paid advertisements will fair for the company and if this will help online marketers drive even more traffic. Continue to keep your business represented and active on Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and prepare for the official launch of paid Pinterest advertisements.

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