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When it comes to display ads, every creative requires a call-to-action. As user awareness of banner ads decrease, techniques must evolve to increase Click Thru Rates (CTR’s). Certain banner ads may be viewed as simply a tired pun or completely unoriginal, but even the most attractive and professional looking display ads are not always the most successful. Some gimmicky approaches to heighten user interaction include the use of pop icons and interactive banners, but even these techniques may be easily overlooked by the target audience. No matter how branded or elaborate a creative may be, the bottom line is that the slightest changes can maximize conversions.

Size Matters.

Every site owner can tell you exactly what creative size they see as having the best results. And guess what? It’s not one size fits all. When designing a site, many will default to the standard 728×90 (leaderboard) or 160×600 (skyscraper). It is important to test not only the most popular size banners, but those sizes which fit into content rich areas of a site such as the 300×250. Users do not tend to be hyper aware of the peripherals of a site. Cursers tend to lure near content which makes for a perfect ad placement. If you are using a network for banner ads, you may be able to request specific sizes which prove the highest CTR’s. Keep in mind that size matters, but is not the only factor in a successful display creative.

Photo Opportunity.

The use of images in banners ads may be considered a necessity. It may seem like common sense that CTR’s will increase with the use of bright colors and photos, but finding the most appealing image is critical. In a weight loss targeted campaign, the image of a thin person might not be adequate. The creative images should emulate a lifestyle which the target audience could easily obtain, while creating a need and highlighting the benefits. Colors can also enhance the attractiveness of a creative (think whiter, bright teeth and dark, tanned skin). Even simply changing the background color can trigger an influx of clicks. Now, how do you know which of these changes are increasing CTR’s?

Split Testing

The importance of size and images are evident, but the only way to know exactly which combination of these will increase clicks and maximize conversions is to perform Split A/B Testing. Keep in mind that even the most professional looking creative might not directly lead to a successful campaign. Using a social media platform as testing grounds will provide a large sample in a relatively short amount of time. An easy way to test for simple improvements is to keep the size and text constant, while testing the outcome of specific colors and/or images. A common mistake is that the two creatives are too similar which will cause marketers to see similar results with split testing. Don’t be afraid to take risks – it’s about bold moves. You may be surprised at the results of these tests. Often times the creatives which appear the most attractive are not always the ones that receive the best response.


Don’t rely on testing alone! Always ask for feedback from users. Feedback, in combination with split testing, will result in confidence of a creative which can take your campaign to the next level of success and maximize conversions!


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