Clickbooth Publisher Certification Program

Being an industry leader means a constant need for up-to-date education. In response to the need for these training resources, we have developed a standards-based educational program led by industry experts.

Clickbooth Publisher Certification Program

“Every action Clickbooth takes is with our publishers’ best interests in mind. This training and certification program was an obvious next step,” says Erin Cigich, Director of Affiliate Publishing for “We’re excited about this program. It fills a void in the industry, providing free, in-depth, and comprehensive learning resources for publishers.”

Online publishing has long needed a high-quality training program for those new to the industry. Costly mistakes can damage brand reputations and ruin commercial relationships. While education and accreditation are key, the lack of continuous learning materials for internet affiliate marketers ( has been a roadblock.

An online training program ( has been developed for advertisers and publishers. Videos, tests and other instructional materials provide the how-to for publishers new to the Clickbooth affiliate marketing system, as well as those who are looking to take their business to the next level.

“This benefits our clients, allowing new publishers to learn the basics, and seasoned professionals to improve their skill sets,” comments Cigich. “It also helps the advertisers. Requiring each new publisher to pass the test is just another way we ensure that we’re working with the best of the best, and continuing to deliver the highest quality traffic to our advertisers.”

The initial training, launched January 15, 2009, includes 40 minutes of instructional video ( New video learning tools, focused on specific affiliate marketing techniques, will roll out in coming weeks. The company has also teamed with industry bloggers and third party service providers to enhance the program.

Other launches will be announced soon. “Over the next six to twelve months we are going to be launching some groundbreaking elements and software that will forever change the way affiliate networks and their clients do business,” says company CEO John Lemp.


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