Jonathan Volk vs. Tyler Cruz Weight Loss Challenge – An Ode To Healthy Living

Living a healthy lifestyle is something almost everyone “wants” to do. However, when it comes to actually getting up and doing something (e.g going for a run, lifting weights, playing sports etc.), a lot of people would rather just sit on their couch, watch TV, eat some ice cream, and call it a night. While I agree that some days call for that, it’s important that we don’t allow that type of life style to become an every day thing. We all need to do our part in keeping ourselves healthy and strong, so we can all live forever, right?:-)

That being said, when we heard Jonathan Volk and Tyler Cruz were doing a Weight Loss Challenge, we immediately fell in love with the idea. Both of these Super Affiliates have a huge following on their blog, so not only was it great to see them so motivated to get healthier and lose some weight, but by making it public, it will hopefully inspire their readers to do the same.

 So what’s the challenge all about?

 On April 10, 2009 Tyler Cruz challenged Jonathan Volk to a weight losing duel, where each of them has to try and lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. What makes it even more exciting, is that they’ve given their readers a chance to win some serious cash by predicting who they think will come out victorious and writing a post about it. Whichever Super Affiliate loses the challenge, will be paying 5 lucky winners (who predicted the outcome) a cash prize of $100. However, if they both hit their goals, no prize will be given. (For more info on the challenge, check out Tyler Cruz’s post here.)

So when Jonathan hit us up and asked us to be a Sponsor for one of his workout videos, we jumped right on it. Not just because we wanted to see him sport a super cool orange Clickbooth head band while biking 20 miles (although he did look awesome in it!), but because the message of the whole contest is something we truly believe in and really wanted to support. So thanks again Jonathan for allowing to be a part of such a great cause.

 That being said, check out the video below where Jonathan does his weekly workout, but this time does it while wearing some Clickbooth swag! Enjoy!



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