Meet an Affiliate: Murray Newlands

This weeks guest on Meet an Affiliate is Murray Newlands. Murray is known around the industry as being a seasoned affiliate, an advocate for everything “green”,  as well as conducting some of the best interviews on the web. Let’s learn a little bit more about Murray, shall we?

Why did you start

I have had different kinds of websites for years, both personal and for business. Earlier this year I learned about the potential of blogs from Steve Hall of Adrants while we were at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. When I learned potential I realized I should start my own. is where I put all of my thoughts, information and ideas about the social media and affiliate marketing world. I started it to connect with other bloggers, affiliate marketers and online marketing experts and it has turned out to be all of that and more. It is now a platform to get exposure for other bloggers in the industry and I am currently hosting a blog competition, which is taking my blog to another level.

Tell me about the current Blog Competition on

The Blog Competition is open to all bloggers on the web. It’s a great opportunity to see all the different blogs out there- I like to think of it as a competitive celebration of blogging. We have some amazing prizes for the winners: a digital portrait from Mari Kurisato, 2 Gold passes to Affiliate Summit East in NYC, and a Full pass to Adtech London.

In the end there are so many bloggers doing amazing things out there and I wanted to help showcase that and reward the people who are doing it well.

How do you see social media changing affiliate marketing?

Reach and approach. Social media is basically about communication and conversation, and about connecting people who didn’t have a chance to be connected before. For an affiliate marketer, that means the number of people you can reach with your message and products has grown exponentially. At the same time, how people interact on social media is really different from the old top-down advertising and marketing model. Becoming a go-to person in the field where you sell your products is as important as growing traffic because then people will come to you. And if you are always trying to sell something on social media you get a bad name quick, so it’s a balance of giving away your expertise and information as part of networking and growing your reach and affiliate opportunities that way. Just twittering out links to affiliate products doesn’t cut it.

Where should an affiliate marketer just getting into social media start?

Read! Really, just dive in and see what happens. I recommend starting a profile on Twitter and Following people who you admire or just famous people on twitter. Watch what they do and start to do that. Start a blog, but know what you want to do with it. Being part of the blogging community is one of the best ways to get into social media.

What role do you see green affiliate programs playing in the future of affiliate marketing?

Green is the future and it is a cause that is dear to my heart. Right now I see a lot of growth in the solar affiliate sector because so many people, schools and businesses are looking at ways to cut costs and be more environmentally conscious.

What affiliate marketing events do you see as essential to attend?

I normally go the Affiliate Summit events and Ad:tech Shows and this year I will also be going to Izea Fest at Seaworld.

All of the Affiliate Summit conferences- if you are in the affiliate marketing field you need to go to them and meet Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, two great and helpful affiliate marketing gurus! As well as Jeff Valentine at Ad:tech.

Where do you see growth in online affiliate marketing over the rest of this year?

Blogging. I think affiliate marketers will catch on to the idea that having your own blog and building up your personal reputation is a powerful way to get people to your affiliate links. I think that merchants increasingly want to know about the affiliates that they are working with and corporate and personal brand management is growing in importance.

There are also a lot of affiliates now using blogs to generate their affiliate sites.

You can read more about famous blogger, Murray Newlands, and his quest to be number one for the word newlands.

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