Meet an Affiliate: James Seligman

This week’s guest on Meet an Affiliate is James Seligman. James is the president of JMCA Media, Inc. and has been doing affiliate marketing for about 3 years. Currently JMCA Media along with David Ochoa have just launched a beta version of Poll Creator Pro, an affiliate software tool that allows you to create instant poll-type landing pages.

James is also the organizer of the Meetup202 Seattle Affiliate Group that meets once a month and talks about everything in affiliate marketing.

How did you first get into Affiliate Marketing?

Purely by accident, I was running an online discussion forum and I would visit other forums, I thought how are they getting XYZ, a Fortune 500 company advertising on their site? I sent an email to the owner of the forum and they explain how it works. I thought companies will pay me a commission when someone purchases something from my site? Where do I sign-up.

What was your first website? – It’s still running today.

When was the first time you started making money online? How did you do it?

Within a month of opening the forum, my plan was never to make money from it, but within 2 weeks I was approached by an advertiser that wanted to place a banner on the site, I thought if I get my domain name, hosting for a year and the cost of the software all paid for, why not. Then within in a couple of weeks I was approached again by someone else and it’s made money ever since.

What does a normal day look like for you?

I usually get up around 6-6:30AM, do some exercise or do some walking on the treadmill, hop on the computer for pretty much the rest of the day, reading and answering emails, working on projects, checking stats, etc. Sometimes bed is at 10:00 pm and sometimes its 4:00 AM.

How important do you think having a mentor is when you first get started in affiliate marketing?

Having a mentor is truly important; I’m not sure if I did have one I would be where I am at today. I had a great one when I first started out and he helped me expand my network a little more and then using Twitter and meeting others through has helped even more.

What is the biggest challenge you continue to face in this industry?

Staying focused, affiliate marketing is a fast paced industry and changing all the time. Try and stay focused on what you’re doing and not get distracted by what everyone else doing.

Name 5 Guides/E-books/programs that you would recommend for people looking to improve their Affiliate Marketing business.

Tracking202, Google Adwords Editor, PPC Classroom 1 by Jeremy Palmer, The Black Ink Project also by Jeremy Palmer, and Affiliate Theme by Unique Blog Designs.

What does the future hold for Affiliate Marketing?

I think we’re in some great times to be affiliate marketers. Advertising and media is shifting from the TV & print to the internet.

But there are also some challenges we will be facing in the near future, like the affiliate tax and FTC regulations, and we’re not just talking the FLOGS out there, we’re talking about your own personal blog.

What’s the first piece of advice you would give to someone looking to get into affiliate marketing?

Don’t believe everything you read and don’t waste your money on ebooks. There is so much information out there for free; there is no need to pay for it. Also, just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

What’s the biggest mistake you made when you first started doing Affiliate Marketing?

Trying to do too much, I launched too many campaigns without doing any research and lost money. Take one campaign, scale it, then rinse and repeat.

What’s your favorite Affiliate Marketing Conference? Why?

Affiliate Summit – Nothing even comes close in my opinion.

What blogs do you frequent the most?

What’s your blog/website about? – Just really anything and everything, affiliate marketing, forums, and life.

What do you look for in an Affiliate Network?

A great interface and keeping affiliates notified of any changes to the offers we are running.

What do you look for in an Affiliate Manager?

Experience, Availability, and one that looks out for you

What is the best way for someone to reach you?

At my blog or

What’s your take on the new FTC Guidelines revolving Flogs and Fake Review Sites?

It was only going to be a matter of time that all these FLOGS were going to get slapped, but tomorrow there will be something new come up and same thing will happen once again.

Right now the industry is taken a little bit of a hit, not too long ago it was the Kim Kardashian “Super Pill” and images, then the Obama images for the grant offers, then now these FLOGS. It really has put watchful eye on the industry as a whole. It’s being picked up by mainstream media and the now the FTC.

What’s your favorite book?

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi (A must read) I’m currently reading his newest book, Who’s Got your Back

What’s on your iPod?

I don’t have an iPod, (can stand iTunes) but my mp3 player is filled with shows, Stevie Ray Vaughn, old school metal like the Scorpions, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Kiss, etc.

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