The CB Team and Affiliate Summit West Hit…”Vegas, Baby!”

Watch out, Vegas! Our team landed in Sin City yesterday ready to rock Affiliate Summit and have been going non-stop ever since!

Maybe you saw them at the Meet Market Sunday afternoon, or perhaps you caught them wining, dining, and talking to all the top peeps in the industry at last nights parties. In any case, if you’ve been trying to meet up with them but haven’t had any luck, stop by our CB booth (#405, 407, 409) throughout today and tomorrow and get some face time with 11 of CB’s finest!

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even score one of the much sought-after CB Black Cards that will let you in to the MOST PREMIER PARTY of Affiliate Summit…Clickbooth’s Black Card Party! They may have 1 or 2 cards left to give out, so if you want one, you’d better hurry! 🙂 Its the one party of Affiliate Summit you won’t want to miss.

Will You Be Invited?

Happy Conferencing!


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