CBCPC Innovates Marketplace with eCPM Based Ad Delivery System

After 3 years of unbelievable growth, CBCPC, the CPC Network known for more revenue and less hassle, is currently serving over 3 Billion impressions a month on some of the most premium, sought after sites in the US and abroad.  Showing no signs of slowing down, CBCPC is excited to announce another groundbreaking advancement with the launch of the eCPM based ad delivery system.  Rather than deliver ads based solely on bids, the new performance based delivery algorithm will take every aspect of a campaign into consideration and serve the campaign with the best performance.  This is a monumental update for CPC and gives CPC clients yet another advantage over other networks.

With this new performance based delivery method you are able to set a max bid for the highest amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad, the maximum cost-per-click (Max CPC). You are not guaranteed to be charged at this rate, in fact many times you will be charged much less.  This is only the maximum amount you could be charged based on your CTR and ad competition on a particular traffic source.  The Suggested CPC evaluates your campaign’s CTR against current competition to qualify for an ad position on a particular source.  This is a real time evaluation based on your ads performance compared to the competitions so the Suggested CPC can change drastically throughout the life of your campaign.  The Suggested CPC is only a suggestion, it is recommended that you set your Max CPC to an amount that you are comfortable paying based on your profitability.  The right Max CPC bid for you will depend on campaign and ad copy performance as well as profitability, which you can monitor with our conversion tracking tool.


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This new eCPM based ad serving marketplace comes from years of data as well as client feedback.  Here are just a few of the great new benefits for clients:

  • Ads are served on panel based on performance, in real time
  • Automatic optimization thru split testing – no more manually optimizing every campaign on every placement in the network
  • CTR measurements are taken in real time and CTRs are weighted in the ad panel
  • Because users compete based on performance for a placement, new users to have a fair shot at competing with established campaigns
  • Suggested bids are calculated based on your ad’s performance, rather than someone else’s bid
  • Improved Testing – The automated process allows you to continually test new copy/creatives without negatively affecting the performance of long running, proven campaigns
  • Full transparency – You are provided with not only the transparency to the source you are running on but now you are able to view which spot you run in; cutting down on testing and improving ROI
  • Increased profit!

CBCPC offers the expert customer service, exclusive placements and full transparency you need to surpass your ROI goals.  CPC Marketplace’s eCPM based delivery method puts performance first so our client’s are always ahead of the game.  Fore more information hit up your CPC rep or signup and start seeing results today: https://cpc.clickbooth.com/signup/advertiser/index/step/1


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