Authorize Your Content Or You Will Be Left Behind!

Since it’s release in 2011, the Google authorship tool has been keeping authors connected to their content online. If you’ve been hoping to keep your face separate from your online content and have been avoiding Google authorship, it’s time to rethink it. A study release this week by,  revealed authorship on page results, Google+ profiles and/or posts promote higher click through rates and user engagement.

It makes sense online viewers gravitate to posts with pictures because they are ascetically appealing, stand out from other results, and look more legit. Additionally, Google+ profiles have been ranking well and linking your account to your content will boost its online appeal.  Since Google is favoring Google+ accounts and their connected content, that means it is imperative to use Google+ to promote your business, set up authorship and link your content to your profile. Many large brands including The Washington Post and The New Yorker have begun to utilize the authorship markup on their pages.

It’s also rumored Google will begin incorporating author’s influence when deciding how their content should rank in relevant searches, making it clear the weight Google+ has (and will continue to have) in SERPS. As an online marketer, once you’ve establish authorship through Google+, you’ll also want to regularly share “authorized” content to ensure your brand and business has an advantage in the search results. Don’t let the competition take you out!   


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