Staff You Should Know: Tyler Morrow

Staff You Should Know: Tyler Morrow

While Tyler Morrow is the newest member to the Clickbooth Advertising Team, he is quickly proving to be a force to be reckoned with!

1. I wasn’t born in Tennessee, but I was fortunate to grow up there. The Appalachian mountains are my favorite place to be.
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2. This is my lovely fiance, and our two month old son, Ridge. Kid’s cute. I think he looks like me…
Image (9)
3. I love hiking. My father and I hiked a lot growing up, and I’ve fast packed the majority of the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains area of East Tennessee.
Image (11)

4. Definitely injury prone. So far, 22 breaks to 14 different bones. Some can be attributed to my inability to turn down a dare.


5. I ski! A lot. My last big trip was to ride some of the steepest mountains in New England.
Image (12)

6. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, and am an alumni of Sig Ep.


7. Love to travel, but I prefer alternate routes of transportation. Last year my fiance and I took a backpack trip up the East Coast. We covered 9 states in 5 days and rode by plane, megabus, metro, Amtrak, and charter.
Image (14)
8. I’m severely outnumbered in the office, but I’m a big Tennessee Volunteers fan.
Image (15)
9. I’m Scotch Irish. #TeamRedBeard
Image (13)
Drum roll please…
10. I debated on adding this, and there is no way I’m posting video evidence (it’s out there). But…2007 National Hip Hop Dance Champion. I hung up the shoes, but I still wander on the dance floor every now and then.
Image (10)


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